I am not in favor of MB moderation, but I am not in favor of the depravity in the public forums that is hidden behind the shield of no-moderation. It appears as though the NFE has made its way into the public arena. I don’t really think that was the intent of an unmoderated board.

Am I alone I my thinking?

Non moderation is the only way it should be for members.

I am with you, no moderation but with the sick puppy’s that have nothing better to do they should keep their trash talk in the private areas. I personally think they need to see a shrink

The moderation of Members should not occur. The MB rules should change to reflect what most have to prevent this kind of bashing on the public MB.
This should include any religious slurs, any degradation of a Home Inspector, his family, his business ect.

Where is the NFE in public view? I’ll delete it if true.

Nick, I think he meant that some of the same Crap on the NFE is or has migrated to some of the Public forums. :slight_smile:

I think (sure) that’s what he meant.