Modular home advice

I had a lady from South Carolina call me today and said she found my name on the Internachi list of Ohio inspectors. She explained that she was having a modular home built here in Ohio near me and wanted to have it inspected before its journey to South Carolina. Has anyone ever had a request like this? I would like to give her an answer on options if not a referral because she did seek info through Internachi.

Modular Home Manufacturers have their own system for QC’ing the homes they build, and likely would not allow you on site to inspect anything! Besides… most damages and issues would be from the transportation and installation aspects of assembling the home. Tell them to call you when it is installed and it has received it’s CO.

Personally… this feels to me like another of the many scams that some companies like to use to get you hooked into doing inspections for them and wind up costing you time and money!

Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey good to know info on the QCing. I had already told her I could not do the inspection and wanted to see if she had any other options.

How could you really inspect ir before it was shipped and placed?

It would have no utilities, not set on a foundation, etc.

It would be like trying to test drive a car before they put they finished installing the battery or putting gas in tank.