Moisture meter recommedation

Looking to see what Moisture meters anyone can recommend. I have a General and I question their accuracy. I like to have a pin and pin less or combo. Thanks! Mike

I think they have calibration tools to test the accuracy of them.

^^^^^THIS ONE is very good.

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I use EXTECH MO257 pinless. Ordered through Amazon

I personally like the Survey Master I have. A bit, more expensive but, vary small and has both pins and non-invasive reading capabilities.

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The Trotec T660 Material Moisture Measuring Device - Ic-T660 I have found it very reliable for building inspection dunedin

I also have a Survey MAster and I’m very pleased with it. Yes, it is more expensive but it is accurate.

Survey Master

I have used delmhorst for years and loved them the BD2100 is a great set it and forget it pin meter and the tech check plus is a great pinned and pin less.