Moisture Reader Recommendation

I’m looking for a highly accurate and durable pin-style (or combo) moisture reader for moisture content in crawl spaces. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I use the protimeter aquaint (pinless) it has always been sufficient for me . Protimeter makes a number of pinned models as well

I use the Tramex ME5 (pinless) and the Protimeter Mini pin type.

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I have the Protimeter Surveymaster. I really like it and find it to very accurate and trustable. It is a combination pin and pinless. I shopped around looking for a pre-owned and was lucky on EBay to find a new one for half the price of a new one. Full warranty included. That was after being beat out on three others.


I used the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus for years before I sold my company and never felt like I was lacking pins:

And this is the newer version that Joe uses (Tramex ME5- pinless):


This guy is pretty handy! Pin & Pinless

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Protimeter Surveymaster is the way to go.

Which ever one you choose avoid using actual numbers in your readings - use terms like “Elevated”. Using numbers suggests that you are an ‘expert’ and also calls into question the calibration of your meter.


You require several pieces of home inspection equipment but lets start with the basics.
If you have the money, Tramex and DelMhorst. Top of the line.
To start get an average moisture meter. It will do the job.
Remember, pin probing is destructive testing. Pin-less is non destructive. Both do an accurate job. Then learn how to read the meter.

Hygrometer. Measure temperature and humidity. Dew point. Entry level ><$150.00 dollars.

$986.00·[ITM Instruments] GE Protimeter BLD5365 Dual-function Building Moisture Meter. Wow. That a lot of money.

Good unit.

InterNACHI has some good deals. InspectorOutlet

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Great advice John!

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