Moisture meter

Hey folks,

What do you recommend for a general purpose HI moisture meter?



Fluke Ti32


Hi Tim…actually I use the Protimeter Mini…which also has an an extension cord with pins for close-or far locations…nice meter!

If your looking for non evasive that is…but, actually just touching it to a surface without probing will give you a good reading.

I use the protimeter aquant Tim…

Wow. That was a broad spectrum to choose from. I guess it’s not like the
Suretest that everyone seems to have (and send back)


Protimeter or Wagner IMHO.

GE Surveymaster. non-invasive and pin type in same package. Definitely durable (I’d be embarrassed to say how many times it’s jumped out of my tool belt). But reliable and accurate. If it says the floor under the vinyl is wet then it’s always been wet.

Not cheap but worth the price. Make sure you shop as prices do range all over the board.

I’m with Donald on this, and use the same for what its worth.

I am a generalist inspector and I want a generalist meter, besides, I like em’ cheap.

Lignomat Mini Ligno S/D Moisture Meter

The Mini Ligno S/D is Designed for wood and “soft” building materials,

such as drywall, plaster and roofing, etc.

Even though the mini-Ligno S/D is on of the least ex-pensive meters, it is built with the same high quality components as the more expensive meters. It just doesn’t have as many features.

The green cap covers the pins for safe transportation. To obtain moisture readings, the pins are pushed into the material and the unique on-off switch between the pins turns the meter on. Bright LED lights instantly indicate the moisture percentage. A popular, easy-to-use instrument.

The mini-Ligno is the right choice for you, if the range, the read-out accuracy and the basic two-group settings for different species are sufficient.

  • Measuring range 6-20% for Wood, 1 Setting for species corrections

  • Colored lights indicate wet, moist or dry condtions for building materials


No matter which brand you choose, I’d strongly recommend one that is non-destructive AND has pins. The pins come in very handy in areas like crawl spaces, where you can let them hang from the wood while you use one hand to hold a light and the other to snap a photo.

Thanks, all.