Moisture meter

When going through some of the NACHI classes, I noticed Ben Gromicko appeared to be using some type of telescoping, audible tone moisture meter. Would anyone happen to know the model/brand of the meter? I currently have a General MM70D-7022KIT and feel it’s a bit overkill. I’d like to sell it if I can find a decent audible telescoping moisture meter. Thanks!

From the Outlet most likely.

Is it this one?

That’s it Frank… Looks like I’ll keep the one I have as that one looks like it is only for carpet and pad, might get it just to supplement.

Those are not moisture meters, they are moisture sensors used mostly by water restoration contractors for moisture levels above 17%. They only have one built-in setting. The Extech MO260 has an external pin probe that can be easily mounted to a camera pole for out of reach metering.