Moisture meters

what are some good ones on the market?

I like the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus:

I have the tramex and it hasn’t worked since I bought it.

Ahh…maybe you should’ve taken it back. It is a great meter.

Ahhh.I sent it back and it worked one day after I got it back.

Did you send it back again?

I can understand how you would be disappointed if you are keeping it as is.

Ditto here.

I’ve had three of them since July 2001. They are excellent and rugged. They’ve been dropped from ten feet up on ladders onto concrete, dropped in spas (and rapidly retrieved, taken apart, and dried out with the blow dryer), and one was even run over by a Ford Taurus station wagon. Hmmmmmmm, I’m sounding like an advertisement or a merchant, aren’t I. Well, when things work well, I don’t mind saying so. And when they don’t work well (, I don’t mind saying so, either.

I have my old moisture meter that I use. I’m not going to keep spending money on shipping for a meter that does not function properly. For me its cutting my loss and using somthing else. Also it was just my opinion that I would not buy another one. If you all love them thats great for you but for me never again.

Tramex moisture encounter plus seems to be the meter of choice everytime this subject comes up on the forum. I got one based on the suggestions on this forum and like it. My 2 cents…

It seems to me I read something about aprosite once…what was it???:wink:

Moisture Encounter Plus for me!!

I have both a Tramex and a Surveymaster, I use both almost every inspection. If I could only have one, it would be the Surveymaster, it works on a surface such as damp ceramic tile and the 3’ extension cord with pins is invaluable in getting into tight places.