Mold Assessor Practice Test

Are there practice questions for the Mold Assessor Test? I was on & websites and the only practice test I could find was for the Home Inspectors test.

If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

Thank you,

Adam Ogilvie
ORC Services, Inc.

I would also be interested if there is a practice exam.

Add me to that list.

And the list grows again

Does anyone have the link to the application? When is the deadline for submitting the grandfathering application?

It has to be postmarked before March 01, 2011.

did everyone find the answer. If not PM me

I haven’t found any practice test questions, and my test is tomorrow morning at 8am… So I’m just going to retake NACHI.TV’s IAC2 mold video again.

Hopefully I pass…

Good luck. Let us know how it was.

Adam are you kidding? No one fails those tests. You have 3 chances to get it right. Its not made to TEST you, its a formality to get you in. No worries bud. Congrats, I bet you pass.

I’m sure you’re right.

Where is the proctored mold assessor exam being held tomorrow? Does anyone know where to find the thread on mold proctored exam locations and dates?

Passed 93%

See what I mean. Its not really to see what you know. Its more of a formality. Thanks!

Found out at midnight last night that the Mold Exam was being offered 10 miles from my house. Didn’t open a book and passed with 88% - I should probably be embarrassed! I would recommend reviewing the internachi ICA2 Mold Course, it would have helped if I had done that, and had a little coffee first.
Ooooh - Here is a hint at the answer to about 15 of the questions Mold Needs Moisture to Grow – lol

Its what Russell said!

I will say this - I did witness at least five people failing the HI exam on the first shot. May have been more, I wasn’t in the room very long.


Good thing you found out :slight_smile:
I guess you did not want to meet me in Ft Myers.

Does anyone know of any of Zoes classes on the SE coast Ft laud or Miami or palm Beach before the deadline?

go to this link
and then click on Chapter Events tab

You can see the dates and locations of the exams and can register online. I found this link late last night when I heard that there was a test being offered today.

Thanks i’ll check it a little latter.
I am getting some sauce going chicken, saussage, mushrooms,onions and beef in tomato sauce yummmmmm.

Oh yea ! favorite mushrooms, onions and sausage with extra s’s:twisted::twisted:
sounds good Mike!

I’m going Feb 8 ft Myers maybe we can hook up to go.