mold assessor

Is it worth the time and effort to be a licensed mold assessor?

I have a mold assessor license, and I have really not used it. However, I haven’t done any marketing to draw business. Like anything, you will need to invest the time into promoting the services. It will certainly be valuable if a hurricane hits

It is such a big part of the business and is really a part of our everyday existence. I personally think it is a key component to being as competent as you can be.

I always think about dropping it, insurance renewal time.
State license requirement for E&O is $1,00,000.
Jeff is there mandatory E&O in Vermont?

Thanks for the replies. I am in north central Florida in an area that is 50% aging doublewides with many problems. Did mold testing in Colorado before my move and thinking of adding and promoting it here for added revenue.


There are specific requirements to be a Mold Assessor in Florida.


Good question? I am not actually sure. We just rolled into certification for Property inspectors in VT. If you aren’t licensed by July 1, you are breaking the law/out of business. Real Estate Agencies already bar anyone who is not licensed to inspect for their clients.

I never really think about not having E&O and pollution insurance. Is really a must for me. I do million/million. I also retain Joe Ferry. Is worth it.

I also am the only home inspector in VT that specializes in mold assessment, remediation and cleaning. Am also the only one that is certified in all and in water damage, structural drying. I had those certs before I came into the HI business. Just happen to work in my favor I guess. The other mold assessors come from remediation companies like Serve Pro. There are 5 companies in my area but none or them like to work outside of insurance claims. So we end up chasing a ton of the small stuff which can yield decent jobs outside of inspections. I have to sub work out otherwise. We do a ton of attic remediation. 40 or 50 per year.

Does anyone know where to find the requirements for mold assessment certification? Specifically for Arizona. I’ve spent a bit of time on Google but the info is pretty vague. Who is the governing entity? Any info would be greatly appreciated.