Mold Inspection Pricing

I’d like to expand my mold inspection business to include large institutions such as college dorms, hotels, schools…etc. I’m currently charging $550 plus $100 per air sample for a single dwelling. What kind of prices have others been charging for thieir services?

What do you offer your clients for $550.00? I can understand $100.00/sample. We charge $125.00/sample + 250.00 for the screening.

$550 covers a complete home inspection and report.

We charge by number of HVAC units rather than sq ft.
We raised our prices last summer, thinking it’s time to raise them again.

$275 for visual mold inspection - $50 for each addtional AC

  • $125 per sample air or surface.

Our only serious competion Clean Air Inspections were charging double and went out of business last year. Price must be alright for our area, we hired one guy in May last year and one guy in Aug. of last year.

Do the best job and charge a little more, takes time but seems to work for us.

Thanks Doug. That helps. The $275 you charge for a visual inspection, is that a visual inspection of the HVAC system or a visual inspection of the entire property?

In our area protocols with the inspection are common place, so the prices are configured a little different. My prices are slightly lower than average (because I’ve been able to control my overhead and share the savings with my Clients), but the average here runs like this: Labor and materials $82 - 150/hour; non-viable mold sampling taken at $58-70/sample (viable sampling runs closer to $125/sample); with protocols starting around $150 (I did find one company writting theirs for $100 and up); travel is billed seperate and so is the usage of IR Cameras. I did a lot of research before I opened my doors and started my environmental consulting company. This average was taken from a two state area of investigations over the course of three years.

So I’m wondering…if you were to be asked to inspect a 100 room dorm at a college, what would you quote? If they have electric heating that takes the HVAC pricing out of the picture. And how many air/lift samples would be appropriate? Also, would you swab every room? Pricing in the mold world varies so much between place to place that it’s hard to gauge a concesses. Is there any general rule of thumb? These people want to know if there’s a mold problem with there students. They don’t care if somebody’s IR camera detects a leak. How do you price it?

I do not assume anything going into any indoor environmental consultation. My contracts outline how they will be changed and a basic understanding of how services can be expected to be performed (given conditions are met, etc.) along with any downpayment we’re asking for. Once the contract is signed we get busy investigating everyone, the buidling and taking appropriate samples then. We never take any sample without written permission from our Clients so we don’t run into problems getting paid for them.

Thanks Doug. That helps. The $275 you charge for a visual inspection, is that a visual inspection of the HVAC system or a visual inspection of the entire property?

$275 for conditioned space (1 HVAC), same charge to inspect the attic
(#1 problem:duct work is in attic in south, can affect indoor air quality)
We hire a licensed HVAC contractor for inside AC if needed.

when we do commercial building, hotels, multi living complexes, schools,we adjust our price for size of job, hours, samples, report writing etc.

We add travel charges for jobs in Tampa and Miami areas (about 2 hour drive for us), usually big companies (disney, babies r us, etc) or relocation companies; never seem to complain.