Mold problems


Why is it that all landlords think all they have to do is wash the wall swith bleach and the problem will go away.

Maybe they don’t understand the mechanisms for mold growth.


Barbara Dahl, Consumer and Family Economics Educator, University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service says to use bleach and water.

Every bio-growth seminar I have attended disagrees with the use of bleach.

They seemed to be OK with Bleach and water until people started mixing it with detergent and what not. So I think to be on the safe side they just stopped recommending Bleach. It was always Ok to cut the bleach at one capfull of bleach for every 4 litres of water (just under a gallon). People started making funky gas!

I have found the same as Jae no Bleach on all the courses I took
I understand that Home Depot sells a product now .
When I had a flood the insurance company had a cleaning company come in they had a product that the public can not but ,
The cleaner said the best thing for the public to use was Fantastic no bleach .
Roy Cooke

I believe what they’re using is MICROBAN. Yes the guy’s were also telling me that they are recommending Fantastic to the general public.

The courses I attended all suggested that we should use a mild surfactant.

Around these parts that means **“Dawn” **dish soap. (P&G product–Cincinnati’s own)

Borate & Distilled Water is GREAT !

I here Borat is a great movie!