Mold Testing protocalls

Who’s mold testing protocalls do you follow?

IESO, it cost me with lodging, class cost and membership dues almost $1,000.
But whatever protocol you follow make sure your Industrial Hygienist knows.

James do you remediate?

No, I feel it would be a conflict of interest. I do write remediation protocols though.

To improve the process of issuing IAQ standards, nationally industry accepted standards, I see where IESO is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the IAQA and will create ANSI approved standards together faster. If a “mold inspector” is not familiar with “IAQA” or “IESO” or ACAC for that matter, they should be.

Would you guys recommend this book?

100% YES! I recommend IESO as well as IICRC S500 and IICRC S520. To me those three books are MANDATORY if you do ANYTHING with mold.

I think it’s only 20-25 bucks.