I’m about to get started and I’m curious as to the best way found to receive payments. Online, paypal, with you phone, check, in-person, over the net, when the inspection is scheduled, as it begins, etc.
I have read you should never bill someone as it will be very difficult to get paid post inspection.

Cheque, Cash, Credit Card, E-transfer, but no chickens or goats. Paid either before or just fter inspection complete but always before report is sent out.

I’ve been paid in firearms, artwork and bartered services before. I typically take my payment in cash, check or credit card at the conclusion of the inspection.

I prefer payment upon my arrival or before :smiley:

No checks, no credit cards, no debit cards, no money orders :wink:

Money orders are always good I thought? I say I take them but no one has ever gave me one.

I’m thinking that’s his round-a-bout way of saying he prefers cash

Raise all your fee’s by 10%, then offer a discount of 5% for payment by cash!