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Looks like NHICC is embellishing things again.

ICE Organizational Members

ICE’s Organizational Members consist of associations, certifying organizations, customer groups, and government agencies that are interested in credentialing.

PLEASE NOTE: An organization may join as a member of ICE at any time. Membership in ICE does not mean that ICE has approved, endorsed, or accredited an organization or its certification program(s). ICE’s accrediting arm, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), is responsible for accreditation of individual certification programs. Please refer to the NCCA Accredited Certification Programs page for a complete list of programs currently accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

NHICC is listed and NHICC is claiming they are REGISTERED members but as above being a member is does not mean Membership in ICE does not mean that ICE has approved, endorsed, or accredited an organization or its certification program(s)

Cannot find them listed as members as NHICC claims at:

**Statistical Data that does not support the claims of NHICC
Some of the complaints are not even part of an home inspection vis-a-vie the SOP.
Here we don’t know the crux of the complaints, nor the resolution or even if there was merit to the complaints!
Empirical data? NOT!

Some have said Grandfathering is long gone and we need to move on .
Well I and many others disagree and I see they still grandfather Electricians like my Brothers did 60 years ago .
Looks like it still works well …


Requirements for Grandfathering Into Electrical License

By HoracioGarcia](, eHow Contributor
updated: September 4, 2010

*( What’s This?

  1. construction,worker,electrician image by Greg Pickens from](“”)

An electrical license can be received through the grandfather clause.
Most states have testing or examination requirements that must be met before a person can receive an electrical license, but many of these states also have a grandfather clause. This grandfather clause allows certain professionals to receive an electrical license without meeting the standard educational or examination requirements as long as the individual has enough on-the-job experience as an electrician. The on-the-job experience required to qualify varies from state-to-state, so it’s best to check with your state licensing board to determine how much experience is necessary to fall under the grandfather

Read more: Requirements for Grandfathering Into Electrical License |


Poor Roy,

Looks like he is trying to embellish himself again:roll:!

Keep looking…

National Home Inspector Certification Council

For clarification - no embellishment offered - it is plainly clear!

"the NHICC is registered as an organization member of ICE - Institute for Credentialing Excellence (formerly the National Organization for Competency Assurance).

Thanks, Claude

GO EMBELLISH YOURSELF! :smiley: :wink: :shock:

Claude, anyone can form an “Institute” in the U.S. That same institute certified ASHI and ASHI doesn’t even have entrance requirements. What’s that say?

This so-called institute started out certifying wedding planners, then they changed their name to certify diploma mills.

I could not find anything related to Canada on this ice certification mill.
I noticed they were not accepted in Florida and InterNACHI is.
What’s that all about?

It is about not being able to qualify for certification under Can P-9, so they went to the “wedding planners” certifying mill.

I guess every meeting gets a lovely centre piece and a free bouquet !!! :smiley: :smiley: :roll:

Here is Moe trying to embellish himself again, too bad that Larry can’t join…:roll:;):)!

Its back

BTW: Those alleged “wedding planners” actually started with the medical “professionals” and also include many of the engineering and constuction disciplines.

Well, Marcel, doctors and engineers like to get married too you know. :smiley: :D:roll:

More where Grandfathering is/was used …
Why do some want to discriminate against existing Canadian Home Inspectors.