Moron companies with bogus claims on their stupid 'waterproofing paint'

Eh, you turds need to substantiate your incompetent claims and when you can’t, then take the crap off the market because all their doing is screwing homeowners
KILZ, pffttt.

“The go-to SOLUTION for making sure moisture doesn’t penetrate through your basement walls” etc etc, bogus bs, obscuring/omitting materials facts as to WHY/WHERE water gets into the block, brick walls in the first place!

So they either don’t know/aren’t experts/didn’t do their homework or, do know but don’t give one stinky shtt and only care about selling the bogus product.

Same with Drylok and others…
They actually frickin say, “You’ll find a growing number of products that offer EXAGGERATED claims”… loooll, hahahhaaa, and umm duh, YOU weasels are ONE of them!@@!@!!!@#@!@!

I’ll tell you what, you chumps go ahead and apply 15 coats of your crap paint on any wet leaky basement wall and THEN, i’ll come over and run a water test with a hose and a) find/identify the homeowners actual problem b) prove to you morons that your paint didn’t fix dogshttt, got that?

Let’s do it. Are you skeered? I know you are because, you’ll lose loool.

Here’s a homeowner applying Drylok and thinks/says, he’s WATERPROOFING his basements with Drylok… nonsense!!

umm Mr homeowner, see that rod hole (and many others) at the :50 mark in video?
THAT, is what you and other homeowners need to find/identify and then, fix correctly! And you can’t do that, by applying any paint! looolll

Need to find and waterproof any cracks in walls, rod holes, openings above grade, a possible blockage in the lateral line or if there’s an existing sump pump and pit, sometimes the tiles in the sidewall of pit can get clogged or sometimes there’s only ONE hole, one tile in the sidewall of pit and it’s… too low, need another 1 or 2 up higher (just under the thickness of the stupid basement floor!) etc etc… THOSE are some of the things you need to be concerned with, that’s why most (not all) basements leak.

Another example, here we are doing a free water test for a homeowner who already had several interior basement system companies over for their assessment (pffft) and estimate and they ALL told the homeowner he needed an interior system, nonsense!!

Back to any waterproofing PAINT… so, are we to assume that on this home/basement and many others like it, Kilz, Drylok etc would tell each and every homeowner who gets water in their basement to take off the paneling and then apply their paint??? Huh? loool Homeowners jesus, am trying to save you some cash, look, applying paint is NOT going to solve any leaky basement, no, sorry but many won’t listen so, you go right ahead and shoot over to home dorko etc and buy 500 cans of this crap and apply it. lots of luck baby

One last true example and what i mean, LAST 4 photos, click any photo to enlarge that photo… seller painted basement walls with Drylok…
After painting the basement walls, he still leaked so he then came up with the idea (from a concrete contractor or was in his own head) to, have a NEW DRIVEWAY installed and that somehow, magically, the new SLOPE/PITCH of the slabs would solve his leaky basement, would magically, supposedly keep all water away from, off, his basement wall.
New driveway cost over $6,000.
He still leaked and then applied/used tar/caulk along the house-edge of driveway… loool, SOLD the house.

Buyer moves in and on the first decent rain, the basement leaks, they eventually sue.
They call several waterproofing contractors, one of them was my old az.

Ok so we get the job, take these photos of the actual-existing DEFECTS of why/where the basement actually leaked.
Hence yet again, the PAINT didn’t fix/waterproof the exterior cracks now did it, nope.
The NEW DRIVEWAY didn’t keep all subsurface water off the basement wall, didn’t waterproof the existing cracks now did it, nope. And neither did tarring along the edge of driveway and house.

STOP all the incompetent, bogus nonsense man! If you are a home inspector, city inspector, realtor etc etc and tell homeowners to do any of the above, you need to be sued, yes you do. Why not keep your pie hole shut of this subject because, you are NOT an expert on this subject so maybe buy some of that Drylok or Kilz and apply it over duh pie ho, maybe these paints can seal jibs.