Most common time for an inspection

That’s right about my morning and afternoon nap time!

Saturday is best for some Clients. Saturday inspections may also be my wife’s grounds for divorce. Always enjoy your comments Joseph

Yeah, Daniel, Joe is on the ball! :smile:

don’t quit your night job.

Well, only the 1st half is at night. Lol. But I don’t plan on quitting any time soon.

I usually give the option of around 9am or 1pm, that way I have time to schedule 2 a day.

Thanks Daniel, that makes a lot of sense. Having two a day would be nice.

I do one at 9:00, come home and have lunch and do the report then another around 2:00.

I did 9:00, 1:00 and 5:00 for years.

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Did you get any sleep? Haha I have been doing two, then still spending several hours putting reports together at home… even that makes for some late nights… I need to get faster at the writing… I do alot of the common comments in my software, but I tend to make every thing so custom that I spend alot of time writing up different comments for every inspection… if I saved every comment, I’d have to scroll through 50 every time I take a pic… I’d like to know how every one else does it…

Sounds like we do much of the same. I started a thread that might offer some insight as others chime in.
Beyond the “Best software”

That’s only 9 hours work minus drive time. :smile:

If your reports were 100% done on site…

Yep, I looked at that thread, seems like we’re very similar. I customize most comments to the home, but sometimes im up till 2 in the morning working on those two inspections from the day because I promise reports within 24 hours. I also get alot of referrals and 5 star ratings because it’s so detailed, and not generic comments… but I actually take alot more photos as well, mainly for cya. But I have to figure out how to get faster. Because if I did, I prob could go 3a day

I prefer 09:00 am.
I rarely do afternoon inspections.

They were done on site, most times. I may add an addendum here or there, later. :smile:

I have to ask a follow up question. For you guys that have multiple inspections a day, or choose to limit it to one a day, how long did it take you to reach that level? Weeks, months, years? Just curious because that’s my ultimate goal.

Two years, plus or minus a year, for 3 per/day. :smile:

Impressive, I know that’s a lot of work but running the numbers it’s also very lucrative. Thank you.

Brett, don’t do onsite reports unless you have an excellent understanding of what you are seeing and doing. You will regret it because of trying to go to fast and missing stuff. YMMV

Best to you. :smile: