Mountain Warranty's hot new website!

Hi Nick

Is it available in Canada yet?

On the flyer (from website) it states $15.00 per and on the website $17.00 per.

Any word on the Free offer???

Is that Tom Petty on the new site?!

Ok you sold me, Nick and Ben, I’m making new brochures, and adding the mountain warranty logo. A free warranty (supposedly to the client anyway) should sell me a few more inspections a month. I have been harsh on warranties in the past, but I can see the value in this one.

It’s $15 if you buy in bulk. See this link:


Here is what all this stuff ,, etc. boils down to:

If it increases the value of your inspection service at a cost less than that value, do it. If it doesn’t increase the value of your inspection service (in the eyes of agents or potential clients) above and beyond the cost of that added value, don’t do it.

In this case, and are a good buy IMHO, but by brother owns/runs the warranty company so take my advice for what I’m charging you for it.

Note, I’m only calculating the value proposition vs. costs, not the additional benefit acquired by the inspector in terms of reduced liability by using the warranty and the book, which when calculated in, makes them no-brainers. IMHO, the book at $2.20 with 0% financing is the no-brainer of all no-brainers.

I cant speak for Ben, but personally I feel better about PURCHASING this warranty. I would have far more reservations if everyone of my clients ended up on a mailing list to get the warranty for free.

It was an offer Nick posted back in 2008, with Free offer to be in mid 2009…nothing new on this.

I’m giving away free inspection warranties.
And free home maintenance books.


Watch the short video on

I present how to use the warranty to make more money, add value, bring peace of mind, and protect yourself.


We actually are still working on it—it just might take longer than expected.

I added the logo to my site and I am working on other marketing materials. Check it out

Richie, for that I put a free warranty in your online Mountain account.

They are not available in Canada yet. :frowning:

Ben is working on it.

Thanks Ben


I am going to give this a trial run. I can use all the “added value” I can get to crush my competition. Seems like there’s more inspectors than homes being inspected around here.

Q: I downloaded the promo flyers, and at the bottom it directs the homeowner to your website. But, the website is geared to HI’s. I wouldn’t necessarily want my clients to see what is there. Do you have plans for a consumer site, without all the sales talk, strategies and costs?


Nick i have the same question?

Yes—there are plans for a consumer site. It should be up in a month or two at most.


Still looking for my free warranty. Email bug must have gotten it.

It is sitting in your account.
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