What do you think?

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I don’t see anything wrong with keeping some of ones marketing concepts, services or whatever private between their chosen clients and themselves. Wouldn’t want all the Inspectors in the industry to be clone’s of each other would we.

Just my humble opinion.


But what if they don’t call you and call the other guy because he communicated everything he offered on his site?

I post everything on there and don’t worry about the other guy. Our inspection process is different, though so maybe that is our “hidden value.”

you market your business how you want I suppose. The web site needs to do whatever creates the most phone calls, period.

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I would say always. It is your edge. Maybe you run a special one month for this or that, but throughout the year, it is a private conversation. However, I often do it in front of a new realtor to gain more of their business or in front of of one of my regulars to keep my edge with them as well. All about appearences and doing a great job for people.

What is a website? It’s a form of advertising, a marketing tool.

So of coarse you want to tout every reason why someone should choose you over the next guy’s website they will look at. Actually, when they see my site I don’t want them even to consider going to the next guy’s site.


Keep in mind that more & more buyers will research and make an informed decision based on that research on who to hire BEFORE they call to schedule an inspection. IMHO, the day’s of the REA being involved in any way of which HI to use, are numbered.

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Call them “Wallflower sites”
Just made that up…lol

The shy and silent type.

I don’t want to take your money Nathan. But it’s already happening & every year I see it happening more & more. Most agents now give out 3 to 5 brochures or bus. cards. The day’s of “use this guy” are quickly coming to an end. I hear it all the time from anyone who’s a second time buyer, “I’ll never use my REA inspector again”, or “my REA gave me the number of an inspector but I told them I’ll get my own”.

I even had a REA from a popular local office tell me that their NEW office policy is now NOT to recommend any inspectors but to tell their clients to do their own research & choose their own inspector.

I track every job I schedule. I have Realtor’s that still refer me consistently, some once a month, some once every 2 months etc., and they know what to expect, but there are literally hundreds more that don’t refer me at all, and not by accident.

There are still many Realtor’s out there that think a good home inspection can can be performed in under 2 hours.

Read the comments section below.

I don’t see this as ever becoming the “norm.”

The answer to your question is simple (IMHO). Yes and no. :mrgreen:

It all depends on your intent for having a website. I’d guess that 99% of today’s inspectors are using theirs as their #1 marketing source and relying heavily on their site to produce business. As such, it would make sense to place everything on your site in order to attract the highest volume possible.

For me, it’s not necessary. My site is more geared to maintaining a presence rather than attracting more business. The vast majority of my business is referrals from clients and colleagues.

If/when I decide to expand, I will change my marketing strategy.

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I apologize for the thread drift.

Nathan, have your attorney send me the papers concerning your bet above and keep in mind, the numbers that will be used for this bet will be my numbers, which are 100% verifiable by a third party. Let me know when I can be expecting them. :smiley:

I agree with Jeff. My area will always be agent referrals. The wealthy don’t have time nor patience to weed through the internet to find a guy they “think” is right. They hire agents for this service and trust them. They are spending millions of dollars and use their professional agent to refer other professional service people. If one of those service people perform poorly, then it reflects on the agent. The agents do NOT want a wealthy buyer to be unhappy with their service. Wealthy people hang in the same circle and talk often and their reputation is something that cannot be bought or replaced and they know what.

I guess it depends on your clientele.


I think Russ has a point, it seems more referrals from REA’s are the more affluent areas. I personally get about half my new clients from my web site, the other half from realtor or past client referral.

There are 2 kinds of clients,
one kind: trusts the REA and their recommendations
other kind,: sees there to be a conflict of interest, or at least the possibility, and looks for an inspector not referred by the REA

I have taken off till after the Thanksgiving weekend.

At this point I have 3 jobs scheduled for next week. Below are the referral methods they used to find me & schedule.

Dec 2 - found on ASHI website
Dec 3 - referred by mortgage loan officer
Dec 4 - repeat client.

Like I stated earlier, I have all the numbers, 100% verifiable by a third party.

Still waiting for your reply Nathan.

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Post the current NAR numbers.
Do those numbers include FSBO? If not they are flawed.

In the mean time, here’s some info for you to chew on. And keep in mind this was way back in 2004.