Moving air handlers from attics

BSI-006: No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished

July 18, 2016
Moving air handlers from attics is a good idea…even better add more attic insulation at the same time…what could go wrong?
The worst thing you could do is install furnaces and air conditioning systems in vented attics – even worse than installing them in vented crawlspaces1.
The attics are way hotter than the outside in the summer and cold and miserable in the winter – and in hot humid climates it gets ugly (Photograph 1).
You can’t get at them easily to service them. They don’t last very long. They need to be in a better place.
What about putting them in garages?
Ahhhh man….in Michigan they call that the Kevorkian option2….they need to be inside….and while you are moving them inside increase attic insulation levels.
Should be easy, eh? Nope. There is no such thing as a free thermodynamic lunch….

I agree Roy! We see a lot of these in our climate! Can’t understand the logic behind it!

Good post!