Multi family dwelling services

sancarloselectric.jpgJust got back from a fishing trip and thought some of you would appreciate this. The bags are covering the open meter sockets which are powered up by the “open air” spliced jumpers from the ones with meters. This was all on a walking road down to the beach. The condos are fairly new, probably less than 10 years old, and are located in San Carlos, Mexico. Each service is a whopping 30 amps, 120 volts.

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Simply Amazing…No Pride…

It’s amazing what you see when you travel. I spent some time in Haiti about 8 years ago, and witnessed a guy who was welding with the welding rod held with one end of a jumpercable and the other end directly clamped inside the meter. I don’t know or understand the engineering behind that task, but it seemed to be working and he lived through it.