Best panel in Mexico

We were on a cruise last week and just go home yesterday.

Of course I had to post some pictures of some of the electrical work south of the border. This was in Cozumel.

I added a couple of pictures of our suite on the ship.

Oh yea, I’ve been to Cozumel numerous times for diving vacations since the 90’s and every time I’ve been there the electrical work amazes me. It gets even worse when you travel away from the ocean into the city where it appears that very unqualified people are doing the work.

So I’m not the only one who notices stuff on vacation…glad to hear it.

I’m in Cuernavaca writing courses to found an inspection industry in Mexico. I’m 15,000 words into the electrical course.

David, I KNOW how cold it is in Denver. It’s 75F here, the skies are blue, the vegetation is lush, my yard is filled with butterflies and tropical birds, and I share it with a beautiful fitness instructor, Araceli. Let’s trade places.

You come finish the course and I’ll do your inspections for you. Whad’ya say?
Took this photo just now for this post. Araceli’s not in it, gotta go, she’s waiting for me downstairs. I can hear her drooling with expectation.

Also… I’ve been down here for four months, seen a lot of electrical systems, and… what’s your point? They look perfectly normal to me.

OK. Let’s trade. I don’t know how much I would get done. I would be relaxing with cold beers and enjoying the local culture! :wink:

By the way, who is Araceli?

No point. Just a picture. I agree they are perfectly normal, for the area.
I’ve actually never had any electrical issues while on vacation in multiple locations if Mexico. We did have one place in Playa De. Carmen that the circuits tripped. The maintenance men came and fixed it.

Like many of our DIY pros, he just put a bigger breaker in. That will stop it from tripping.

Kenton you deserve it! Felix Navidad!

What does Felix have to do with it? Who is he?

Good catch!!

Feliz Navidad Kenton!

I knew you could do it.
Feliz Navidad!

I was only kidding David. Most of them I see aren’t THAT bad, but then Cuernavaca is pretty upscale (see photo, arrow is me). It’s a challenge. I met Lupeta today. She gave me her number and invited me out with her four best friends, all at once. You may not hear from me for a while. :wink:

If you need any help or someone to come an rescue you let me know. Just don’t tell my wife! :twisted:

Construction methods and quality varies widely in all of Mexico. Some areas are like night and day from one building to another.
When we were on our cruise one of the stops is at what they call Costa Maya. It is just a cruise ship dock and the shops. There is a small town less than an mile south, Mahajual. It cost $3 on the shuttle bus to get there. $1 beers and some small shops/restaurants on the beach front. On way back we took a cab $2 each person. The cab passed some of the residential areas. Some of the worst and poorest places I’ve seen. It was raining earlier and had stopped but people were sitting outside in the misty air, it was probably dryer than inside.
I was happy that we went to this small town to spend some money rather than at the artificial port. The beers were $5 each there!

Merry Christmas.
If you were here I would pour one for you. Since your not I will pour two for me!

I got this last year in Cabo.

Sitting outside is a cultural thing here. Especially in the late afternoon/early evening, and especially in the poorer parts of town, people sit out in front of the house or stroll. I think lots of these homes are kind of dark and there’s nothing to do in there. I think lack of video games and often no TV probably has something to do with that.

There’s an old guy here in Cuernavaca that likes to direct traffic. He has his lunch with him every day and he has a whistle he blows when the light changes. He always picks an intersection with traffic lights and stands on the corner, blowing his whistle, pointing and waving.

The song the ice cream truck plays: 99 Bottle of Beer on the Wall.

I think that’s what Ringo Starr used to drink on his birthday, David. :smiley: