"Murray panel"

This panel is labeled Murray…

look familiar ? Zinsco

look above the 30 A breaker… hard to see in this pic, melted at right SE cable.

113Elm 012.jpg

113Elm 013a.jpg

Bruce…I won’t comment on the conditions, but Murray panels are **not **Zinsco, and don’t have the same issues. They are fairly common around here.

I don’t see what you’re referring to Bruce. . .


I am also not able to see the image clear enough to see what you have stated but I also will say I know of no problems with Murray Panels and breakers as they are still sold today in many of the DIY stores.

The color of the right main lug worries me.

Paul, I’ve never seen this type of cable covering. Is it possible that the “melting” near the lug (if that’s what I’m seeing and is what Bruce is referring to) was deliberate to prevent fraying? Much like you burn the end of nylon rope.

One of the breakers is a sylvania often found in the sylvania/zinsco panels

The panel is melted around the right lug.
One breaker comes out very easily.

I agree that the newer Murray panels are ok.
This one is in a 20 year old house but looks older to me.

It also looks like it has a circuit breaker which is on in the down position. :shock:


I am not familiar with any method to BURN off the ends in this manner so I would venture to say the burning ( which I cant really see ) would not be caused by the direct burning of the frayed ends by anyone who REALLY know what they are doing.