My Daughter is looking for a house

My daughter is looking at a house in Caribou, Maine which is 235 miles from my place and I have not been up there yet.

Would appreciate anything that you want to point out using the mls information on this link.
Found it small, but seems aesthetically pleasing.
Suspended ceiling caught my eye, but that is in the basement and you can see the electrical panel in the right background.

Anything else that stares at you, please advise.

I,ll be going up in two weeks.
I will take pictures of what I see and post them, now that I have learned to do it. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I like the price Marcel. Your daughter can’t go wrong with that. Besides Daddy can fix whatever is wrong!! :stuck_out_tongue: </IMG>

Judging by the pics it looks well taken care of. Lift up a few drop panels in the basement for sure to see the plumbing & condition. I’m sure they didn’t use any foundation coating back then, make sure you check out the wall for signs of moisture. Make sure the exterior grading is slopped away from the house, etc. But you know all this. :smiley: Let us know what you find!

Cute little place, Marcel.

Typically these type heat really inexpensively.:smiley:

Nice wood floors. Ridge and walls look straight.:wink:

You can pop up the ceiling tiles and look around especially under the bath, eh?

Watch those cords plugged in above the hotwater baseboard heaters.

The boys will like the nice garage. :stuck_out_tongue: :shock:

Good luck.

Don’t spread that around Mario. I think I am going to have my hands full this summer.

I am to far for my daughter but my son just found and moved in with his girlfriend in a town 20 miles from here. She bought a house last year.
I went to see it this past weekend. Built in 1900, two layers of roofing, shot needs to be replaced yesterday.
Leak around the chimney enclosure in the attic, open the attic access and could see daylight between the lead flashing.
Go down these steep stairs to the basement, 1" of water all over, new furnance, storage hot water tank and new electrical panel that I had to stand in water to look at.
I told my son, that if I were inspecting this house, I would run out of paper. ha. ha.

Awh what the hell, they are our kids and we love it.

Thanks Mario

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

This might be something to check on… I know here in Michigan, There are some city/townships that require a Minimum road footage to rebuild a home is say the house was to burn down or otherwise be destroyed. Not that anyone wants something to happen to their home but, you never know. I know this to have happened. The insurance paid to rebuild the home but, the owners had to buy a new lot somewhere to build on. The insurance would not pay for a new lot. These people are still sittins on the vacant lot because no one will buy it because it can not be built on. All they can do is try to get one of the neighbors to buy the lot.

Other then that does the MLS not list the sq.ft. on their listings out there? I can not find it.

You are right Jason, the square footage was not list and I will request it.

thanks for the information.

Thank you

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice place Marcel, was that suspended ceiling in the basement?

According to my daughter it was, and I was baffled when I looked at the pictures myself until I found out.
I guess it will be next week when I go up. Can’t wait to see, another unofficial, unpaid venture enterprise, but a new Grandson is popping out at the same time, so I can relate to that. Whoppee.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s nice Marcel, we had our triplet granddaughters overnight this week end, they just turned four. Great time but boy was I beat last night and then the Sox game, I have to tell you it was quite a weekend, told the guys I had to do some work in the office and went there to take a nap.

Sucks getting old!!

Thanks Peter and Larry for your input, well said.

Great bunch of guys here to do what NACHI is designed for, help each other.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: