My dinner break

I am making and eating dinner. French bread home made pizza’s

What are you all cooking.

This is now a “tweet” board???

I grilled chicken breasts and steamed some cauliflower. I just sat down and am starting to burp and fart. I’m blaming the dog for the foul smell. Poor dog!!

Sure beats design and logo.

I will quit when they are given the additional forum they have earned.

You are trying to fight a fight you will not win. IMHO

Here is a idea Mr Meeker How about you start a MB then you can have your section. come back and Post a link. Then all you have to do is wait for the rush to go to your site.

What good is an additional forms area if we do not add aditional forums ?:wink:

We need a design and logo one amd a Florida Members only one.

How come Alberta gets one?

This forum is specifically for members of the Alberta Chapter of InterNACHI. **Please contact the Alberta Chapter for access to this forum.


Soon enough. My next big idea will change the world. Actually for the better.

Cant wait, Al gore Involved?

Naaa not yet.
He may wish to to get some good free publicity.

Its Nick’s party and you can cry if you want to.

we we we all the way home.

I know whose party I am at :slight_smile: