My garage floor facelift

My 53 year old floor really needed a facelift. It was so pitted and patched up that I got sick and tired of trying to sweep it clean when it was that rough.
I thought I would share the steps needed to get there.
Here is what it looked like.

Also removed an old drain cover and cut in a new one I found at HD.

Now you need the product;

Next we need to pressure wash the old floor to remove all the grime and left over driveway sealer some idiot covered the floor with some 45 years ago.

Next is to let it dry and brush down a primer.

Now let it dry overnight and get lots of buckets and start mixing with a 1/2" drill and 5 quarts of water per bag and dump it out. Levels itself to a point, but you have to help it along. LOL
So I modified this to maintain 1/4" thickness.

And with the Wife to help me carry those Friggin pails, LOL. We got ur done today.

Then the clean-up.

4 hours later, good to walk on.

Next step will be some sort of Sherwin Williams coating. Going to find out tomorrow.
Now both our back hurts. :smiley:
Sure was a lot easier 25 year ago. LOL


It looks like my garage floor. The good thing about the clean up is that you are done.

When can I hire you to do mine?

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Very nicely done Marcel.

Thanks and that was a rude awakening today for me and my wife that we are not 40 anymore. LOL Hurting everywhere. :laughing:


I used Sherwin williams two part epoxy on my garage floor partner…pricey but worth it,…

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What color and was it slippery.?

Great job Marcel!! Just added 5k to 50K to a garage based on which RE agent you ask… :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking to myself, man is in pretty good shape!

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I used the standard grey without the chips and I’m happy with it…If You want it to look like a disco dance floor they have options for that but for me less is more…

Well, when you need help to pick up the bucket you realize your not. LOL
Of, course two months ago, I ruptured my bicep tendon and rotor-cuff on my right arm, so that didn’t help. 3 back surgeries did not help either. LOL

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Thanks, I think we are past that Disco phase and the standard grey works just fine. ha. ha.

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You have my respect!


Nice improvement. I’m looking forward to your next post with finish coat.

Yeah, the last coat of epoxy is the easy part. LOL Next week, I got to pack up my car and go fix a few things for my Daughters house 275 miles North over the weekend.

That must be at the crown of Maine?

That stuff IS pricey, but worth it. Holds up 100 times better than the crap that is sold at the big box stores.

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Looks great :+1: Marcel!! I did a warehouse floor that way years ago. 10K sq feet. 5 gallon buckets. Took a week. We used a product called Thorite. Had to trowel it smooth after spreading. Just thinking about that job makes my back hurt. LOL. Enjoy your new floor!

I used some of that crap from the big box store on my basement floor and it did not hold up to foot and dog traffic. There is a path worn into the so-called epoxy coating. :upside_down_face:

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I used that product many years ago, but it was a thoroseal, thoropatch, ect., but never saw a product of thorite to overlay a floor. Not saying it did not exist, just never come across it.