N/E wind mit program

**I have a great idea! I think that in the wake of “Sandy” the northeast section of the country should instigate a ”Wind Mitigation Program”. Then they can put some centralized governmental group in charge that has never built anything to determine what is necessary and acceptable for any potential insurance discounts. I would like to nominate Barry Hussein O’bungle for the position of “Supreme Mitigater” once he loses his day job. The pay offs from the major insurers should keep him in good stead and endear him to all that he mitigates over. After all, the government it there to help you and they do know what is best for you. If you don’t believe that, just ask them. **

Working on your stand up routine? Because if you are, better get back to the WHITE board.

Sure got that right!

For a Second there I thought he was talking about Rick Scott…

It might be funnier if wind actually caused the damage.