Wind mitigations

Just a thought from reading past post that there are a lot of concerned inspectors about the mitigations issue as I am very concern. Would there be posibility to get as many inspectors together for a discussional meeting somewhwere in the state, central region and possibly get some sort of meeting to gather ideas and see what we could do as a large group to combat the states stupidy. I know that through conversation with the underwriters, they are concerned about the WCE program and inspectors doing the mits on a another persons license. The person doing the inspection is SUPPOSE to be the license carrier. I am open to some ideas for this. It would possibly help work on trying to keep the inspection price where it should be for the inspection. Heck in West Palm Beach, while I was doing some marketing I had a agent who says they have a inspector doing Wind mits with a 4 pt for 130.00 IMPOSSIBLE for me to servive with that kind of pricing. Also I have seen some paper work where the inspection company is kicking back 50.00 to the agent.

Best thing to do right now is to contact your representatives. I don’t have the info in front of me but there was a bill in the state to clarify the language and it sounded like it would solve the problem. I found it in an email from Greg Bell and sent out emails to my reps.