NACHI 2008 Convention, Part II

Hey folks,

Thanks to all of your help, we have decided that Las Vegas is the best location for the 2008 convention (it won by a pretty decent margin). So now we’re trying to decide when the best date for the convention is. Since the last survey was so helpful, I’ve decided to put another together:

It should only take a minute or two to fill out, and will help us a lot.


Vegas…Yeah Baby !!!

“Seven come Eleven”…daddy need’s a TI camera !!! :smiley:

I like Vegas in the springtime,

I like Vegas in the fall,

I like Vegas in the summer when it sizzles,

I like Vegas in the winter when it drizzles.

I like Vegas every moment, every moment of the year, I like Vegas, why O’ why do I like Vegas, because my money’s there. :smiley:

Las Vegas, are ya’ll afraid of the south?

The only place with bigger 'skeeters than Minnesota !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


The South, are ya’ll afraid of the North? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t go there Ken…didn’t even think of that until I posted the above :neutral:


To Quote Elvis “Viva Las Vegas”. :smiley:


Have you been playing those re-runs again. ha. ha. :wink:
I’d like to say I’ll be there, but wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too far for me.

Marcel :slight_smile:

You’re sick;-)

Not the south, just all the pit bulls you seem to have in GA…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Has a date been set in stone yet?

As one who has worked on convention organization for several conventions in Las Vegas, note that it is the #1 convention city and, consequently, hotel rooms and convention space, regardless of how large or small, gets booked up fast. Larger conventions are booked years in advance. If we thought we had problems getting space in Orlando for certain weekends, Las Vegas could be worse. The better the weather in Vegas (i.e., Spring, Fall, or Winter), the harder it is to get convention space and hotel rooms. If one is willing to have a convention in mid-July or August, it’s a little easier.

To para-phrase a very famous man,
I spent a week in Vegas one day.

I’m really looking forward to it…

Just remember to keep the date at least a week away from any long weekends or holiday weeks.

Heat doesnt mean a thing when you are inside during the day.

Or when you’re outside in the pool. :margarit:

It is not that hot in Vegas Stephen.:wink:

If it’s not that hot, how come all the women dancers don’t have tops on? :shock: