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Planet NACHI… resistance is futile.

Thanks Nick!

Joe T. makes a good point. Non-home-inspector members should not be listed on sites for home-inspector searches.


How about this…

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Thanks to your great efforts Nick, one online search netted three clients from one inspection.

Aurelio Roncone
Windsor ON Canada

Wendy, Jeff, Joe… NACHI members who are not inspectors have the option of requesting that we make them invisible members. We actually have hundreds of invisible members that choose not to appear on any inspector search engines. NACHI members also have the option of adding (Not an Inspector) or whatever to their Suffix from NACHI has no mechanism of determining which of our members are practicing inspectors and which ones aren’t. Each member must make that decision for themselves.

Aurelio… Cool!

“Not an inspector” is a good start. . .


Are you suggesting that you believe that you are still a Home Inspector in Valley Forge, PA and voluntarily list yourself on NACHI Search engines as such???

Nick Gromicko, (not an inspector)

Amazing sometimes how fast changes are made to this website…

I have myself visible for various reasons: So I can see how member’s information appears, So I can get offers members receive, etc. If you see a member who you believe is not a practicing inspector, let us know so we can ask him/her to add (Not an Inspector) to their Suffix, ask them if they want to be made invisible, or ask them if they want to be deleted altogether.

Joe Tedesco, Electrical Systems
Electrical Inspections of Dwelling Units Only

What about the ones that are violating their state laws and NACHI requirements? Can we add “Not in compliance” beside their name if they can’t be removed from these directories?

I did a search of inspectors within 100 miles of my service area and compared them with the Listed Licenced Inspectors in this State:

I removed the list.

Out of 105 Inspectors on the search, 41 Inspectors were listed as licenced by the State of TN., 64 Inspectors were not on the list, or their names were not correct in one place or the other.

** This list is close but may have missed someone and the results was not verified. If you are licenced, sorry!

64% of the listed inspectors are not licenced.
That means two out of three Inspectors that are called are out of business or ILEGAL!

A little clean up of this data base may be in order.

We can send the list to the State Commissioner and let her sort it out! :-o

David, you are harming NACHI members by publicly insinuating that they are breaking the law in TN. Licensing only went through in May.

Per Chapter 65 of the law an inspector is only violating the law if he/she continues to perform home inspections without completing the application for licensure. The commissioner has until December 28, 2006 to actually issue the license.

How would you know that any member did or did not complete the application?

That would only help if you can prove they are still working. These directories are a great benefit to the membership. However, it should only benefit those members that follow the rules. We are not asking for them to be booted out of NACHI. Just take away that benefit. It is unfair to those of us that do the right things to compete with those that don’t.

If I obtained a list of contractors from a particular source, (let’s just use NACHI in this example) and 64% of the people I called told me they were no longer in business or not licensed yet, I would find another resource.

Again, unlicensed inspectors can perform inspections in TN.

Furthermore, we completed the Deadwood project last month which removed 1,600 members. We contacted every member at NACHI to make sure they were active and practicing. If they weren’t, they were removed from NACHI. We could not use the licensed list in TN as a criteria as an unlicensed inspector who “completed application for licensure” can still perform home inspections until December 28, 2006 while waiting for the commissioner to approve his/her application.

David is incorrect.

In Tennessee, you cannot perform inspections for a fee if you are not licensed. Period. (you posted the letter from the commissioner a while back) Until December 28, 2006, you can use the grandfathering clause. After that date, that clause goes away.