Nick Gromicko Your Opinion Is Wanted

OK, first let preempt by saying this is absolutely not an attack on anyone or any business. This is simply a request for the opinion of Mr. Nick Gromicko the founder of InterNACHI which is the largest Home Inspector association in the world.

Nick what is your opinion on a Certified, Professional Home Inspector selling for money, gifts, other products or any other type of compensation, their clients Private/personal information to a third party who may use that information for their own purposes?

Thew question is NOT directed towards any specific products, the question is simply about the selling of clients persona;/private data to any third party.

Nick I know you made some opinions clear a few months back when you yourself started the thread about HON. I am assuming you still think this is an important subject to address.

Please don’t spin anything anyone, I really want a straight answer/opinion from Nick as many of us here value his opinions.



This question is not to start an argument, but I am looking for clarification.

For individuals that pledge not to share clients information wouldn’t that pledge be broken by sharing not only an email address, but all the other personal details of the family in order for them to receive the InterNACHI newsletter?

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Start another thread if you want to discuss that topic. But just for a quickie reply. We are talking about SELLING the clients info for some type of profit. Look this is not a perfect world, and sometimes to conduct business some info is needed like emails to send the client their report. But you are either purposely trying to spin this or just don’t get the point. Either way go start another thread.

I ONLY am looking for Nicls Take on this and could care less about anyone elses In this thread.



It’s a public board Jim, I can ask a question where I see fit. Thank you very much.

Yup you are correct, it is a public board and you can post wherever you want. for that i thank you for being an as…s hole just to start more drama. What a total **** bag.

Nick, really many of us would like to hear your opinion on the subject… Please.


I’m glad you posted this Jim. It’s a great question, especially directed to Nick.

I kind of doubt you’ll get an answer from him, at least not here. But I also value his opinion and will be patiently waiting, just in case.

Thanks Chris, I was hoping Nick would give his opinion as this could have some affect on NACHI in the long run. If you remember the HON thread Nick started, it was quite similar and he was against Data collection then so I would imagine things haven’t changed.


Jim, I think I can help you with this question.

First, understand that Nick’s position (not necessarily his personal “opinion”) on this matter will be split in that there are members on both sides of this issue. Not all members feel an ethical, moral or legal obligation to protect the privacy of their clients.

Second, Nick is providing NACHI resources to assist members who are willing to take a pledge to protect the privacy of their clients. This indicates to me where his heart is on the issue, but I could be wrong.

Third, Nick has not responded to Thornberry’s multiple pleas to him to delete posts, intervene against Joe or myself, or to act in any manner of public support for him in the matter of the pledge made by home inspectors to protect the privacy of their clients. Cameron Anderson is all he’s got.

Fourth, Nick responded on the “My Engineer on Call” thread that he does not believe that it is right for an inspector so sell his clients information to telemarketers or alarm lead salesmen or for a home inspector to add language to his inspection agreement that would waive his clients rights to protection under a “No Call” list.

Debate on this is pretty useless in that inspectors who are counting on kickbacks from alarm systems companies are not going to give up the money because of a message board debate … and inspectors who oppose selling out their clients are not going to change their minds so that Thornberry will stop calling them names. Home inspectors will be making this pledge as individuals … not as an association. Nick knows this and does not want to lose members from either side.

As you know, inspectors who are willing to pledge to protect the privacy of their clients and publicly promote their pledge have enthusiastic people ready to support them. As this progresses … and it will be happening, Jim … the trend will what changes the conditions that presently exist. Thornberry knows this and is reacting to this, frantically.

So … Nick can only say and do what he already has, at this point, IMO. He may or may not decide to chime in but he is smart enough to know that he will throw gasoline into the fire no matter what position he takes and is likely to wisely allow things to take their natural course … with a little help from the sidelines.

I ask a question and I’m whatever it is you called me. You’re a class act.

I’m not looking to start any drama. I asked a simple question which is relevant to the topic. I have decided to no longer engage in the back and forth on the other threads because of the drama. I had a question so I figured I would ask. So continue with the name calling if you desire, it shows your true colors. I’m glad you are back to work and doing well.

If you really want an answer from Nick I suggest you take Roy’s approach above.

You spin like your daddy does.

The thread was a direct question to Nick and not intended as another drama or debate or anything else other than a direct question to Nick.

if you want to discuss other related components to this Pledge, cool, go start the thread, ill chime in there,.

I and MANY others want Nick to Grow some balls and give us his opinion. I think I know what it is based on his HON thread, but still we would like his current take on the subject.


I’m so glad that was your intention.

In case you haven’t notice in all your years here, it’s not really how the MB works.

Questions get asked then other questions get asked. I was asking a simple question. No spin.

Maybe the question will get answered, maybe it won’t. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for your explanation on how the MB works, I’ll try to remember that.

I just went back to look at Nicks thread about HON to reread all his opinions on data collecting, selling etc… It appears to me he is quite clear that as most believe the selling of clients private data and information is not a good thing, not that it takes a rocket scientist to see this and the possible ill implications it could have.

Funny thing is that they closed that thread? go figure.


I’m sure you have noticed another “funny thing”, that is very few, if any, vendors post here anymore (except One).

Not near as many, or as often, as in the past several years. Go figure.

Yup sure have, it’s sad for NACHI and all members as it used to be a good place to discuss good business with vendors of all different services and products. Now nothing.

Members too! Not many of them anymore either.

That is also very true, at least not many posting anymore. Very sad indeed. It will become a ghost town soon if it remains like this.


This a sad chapter in NACHIs history.

I am no longer sure it will recover.

The division is deep and could have been prevented.

Where there is no law there is no peace.

How a single vendor was allowed to make this happen is beyond me. :frowning:

Now i thought you would be for the no interference crowd ( No law No peace) lololol:shock:

You’re not very bright are you?:shock:

I doubt if you even understand what I posted.