How the Client Fidelity Pledge Will Work

Now that it is officially declared to be “ethical” for members to sell their clients’ personal information to “third parties” for compensation and consideration that does not have to be revealed to the client … and that it is considered “ethical” by the association for its members to include language in their inspection agreements that could interfere with a home buyer’s right to privacy and/or their use of restrictions or limitations to avoid telemarketing calls … the need has been made even greater for home inspectors who do NOT participate in such things to set themselves apart from those who do.

The Client Fidelity Pledge is NOT a NACHI program.

It is available to all inspectors in all associations (or no associations) who do not exchange private information about their clients with ANY third parties in exchange for any compensation or consideration (such as discounts, products, services, cash, or anything of value). Participating inspectors will also promise that they are not including language in their inspection agreements that could waive or interfere with the home buyer’s right to privacy (such as waiving or eliminating any restrictions or limitations to being contacted by a third party, including telephone contact).

There will be an affidavit available for the inspector to download, print and physically sign and have notarized.

The hard copy of the affidavit will be sent to an address where the document will be uploaded and made available to the public to view and to verify. When the affidavit has been made public, the inspector will be able to publish the logo identifying his participation with the pledge to the public.

The website where the affidavits will be published will identify the participating inspectors by Zip Code and will include tips to the public to help them identify when a home inspector might be selling their private information.

This will help them (and other inspectors) identify anyone who has falsely advertised themselves as participating in this program so that they can be reported to the proper authorities.

When the site is up and running, instructions will be provided in this thread as to where it can be located.

Please understand that no one is being “recruited” to participate. It is a business decision that should not be made lightly since taking the pledge while selling client personal information could result in serious consequences.

If you have doubts that your business model may be in violation … DO NOT TAKE THIS PLEDGE. Only take this pledge if you are fully compliant and are not providing any third party with any information about your client in exchange for any thing … and are not including language in your inspection agreement that could be used to waive or otherwise interfere with any restrictions or limitations that they have placed on being contacted by any third party.

There is no vendor or association staff member who has the authority to declare anyone “compliant”. There is no committee, club or rules. There is only a written, signed and notarized promise made by you, the promise maker, that can be used to promote your business … or used by your client to recover damages from you if you are dishonest in making this promise.

It’s almost ready.

I’m having the website made now.


That’s great to here Dale.

I support client privacy.

Why you ask?

Environmental solutions association out of Williamsport, PA sent me literally 150 text yesterday to tell me about their HUD inspection training. I am not happy.

Therefore, I will follpw the golden rule here. I don’t like getting spammed. So I will not subject it to my clients.

Jim this is excellent news. I have just 1 question. In the pledge is there a provision if the client asks for it, to have clients sign a separate agreement allowing inspectors to release their information to a SPECIFIC vendor or contractor ? Nothing hidden the PIA, I am talking about a separate client requested agreement allowing their info to be given to a specific contractor or vendor upon request?


Participants in the pledge will promise two things.

  1. They promise that they will not provide their clients’ personal information (to include contact information) to ANY third party in exchange for ANY compensation or consideration (such as discounts, services, products, cash, barter, etc).

  2. They promise that they will not include in their inspection agreement any language that could be construed by ANYONE to waive any limitations or restrictions that might be in effect concerning any form of contact, including telephone contact, or any rights the client may have under a “no call” list.

As long as a participating inspector conducts his business in accordance with his pledge, he’s cool.

If he violates his pledge, a client or competitor will have his uploaded affidavit and their evidence of his violation to take to any local authority to report his false advertisement. For that reason, the pledge is NOT for everyone and should NOT be used by anyone who provides client information to ANY third part in exchange for ANYTHING … with or without disclosure.

The idea is NOT to have a whole bunch of inspectors using and promoting the pledge. This is not a club, no one makes any money from inspectors participating in this and it is strictly voluntary.

The idea is to have a means of setting apart those who sell client data from those who don’t.

Understood Jim, and that is what I wanted to hear, and endorse fully.:cool:



I support this effort in it’s entirety and plan to sign, thanks to everyone who helped to make The Client Fidelity Pledge a reality.

I agree…Thanks to all those who have helped.

As expected.

I look forward to reading those tips. Will they include “anyone who hasn’t signed this pledge”?

Also, who will be the official owner/administrator responsible for content on the website ?

Give it a rest moron.

sign it

don’t sign it

No one gives a flip what you think:shock:


Why be concerned over who administrates the website? Inspectors will either choose to participate or not.

The site has a general explanation as to what it is about and why it is there. No one will “police” an affidavit sent. The affidavit process is a simple print, sign and notarize, mail and we upload the actual factual promise from the inspector. The database will be searchable for any visitor.

Everyone is eligible to pledge, but clients will be advised as to what they may choose to look for in an inspector’s agreement, and what questions they may choose to ask their inspector prior to the engagement.

These tips will not be vendor specific. There will be no mention on the site as to whether one should choose one inspector over another. An inspector who participates in these programs are not unethical nor inferior.

This is about the Client’s rights to privacy and which inspectors step up to help ensure it.

Plain, clean, simple.

The pledge only mentions the inspector’s relationship with the Client, and nothing is presented to help muddy the water as to who the inspector’s loyalty is with.

I’m in.

Thanks to everyone involved in this effort.

By the way, there is no fundraising, marketing war chest, or blitz planned. It will be up to those who believe in this to get the word out.

By any means possible.

I am in after receiving many phone calls from vendors wanting me join for a piece of the referral pie.
People know where to find me and what to expect.

Think that one out some more. How would you permit your client to avail themselves of a great deal that they have expressed that they want… if the vendor can’t contact your client by law? Maybe you need a separate permission form to go along with this.

Received a call a short while ago from a number that traced back to HERE… coincidence??? I think NOT!