NACHI Convention largest single educational event in HI history. 17,000+ CE hours.

There were just over 17,000 hours of Continuing Education delivered at the recent NACHI Convention. This number represents ONLY the hours people attended technical courses and does NOT even include the non-technical speaker presentations which were also well attended or the vendor exhibits, many of which were also educational.

NACHI is already the largest provider/host of continuing education in the home inspection industry and NACHI now holds the record for the single largest ecucational event in inspection history.

Nick said - (NACHI is already the largest provider/host of continuing education in the home inspection industry and now holds the record for the single largest educational event in inspection history.)

Thats great but - Now if they would count for State CEU that would really mean something. It would be nice to be the Largest provider of state CEU also? Having the hug Convention an no state CEU real down grades the ASSOC. if it Member still have to go to other Assoc. convention to get the Required State CEU.


Things to remember:

  1. The number of states that require state CEU are in the minority.
  2. NACHI arose from PA, which has the most messed up HI law in the country. Vague, ill-concieved and a total cop out by the legislature in that state.
  3. NACHI is moving, through NACHI, the ED committee, Russ Myers, the ED committee chairman and the many people who have dedicated themselves to the task to get quality state CE at a low price to as many members of the HI community (NACHI and non-NACHI) as possible.
  4. a difficult task takes time. Bear with us.
  5. Ken. You know me. My word is my bond. You know that. It will occur.
    *]Sit back, observe and don’t be so stubborn! I, personally, have you and other NACHI members, back.
    Hope this helps.

Besides, you can get your state CE’s at home. If you come all the way to the NACHI Convention you should try to take some of the non-technical courses (business success, marketing, etc.)

Our CPA, tax attorney Jeff Cohen’s course (not a technical course included in the 17,000 CE hours offered) was FANTASTIC. I am going to get him to do it all over again, put it on DVD, and send it to everyone. No, no state will ever accept it for CE’s because it wasn’t about plumbing or electrical, but it was just as valuable.

What good are technical-only courses if they are provided to inspectors who will be out of business next year?

With the high turn-over rate of businesses in this industry… we need more ***un***approved courses like Jeff’s.

Jeff’s class was a real benefit of attendance, great information :shock:.
Sending it (or making it available to download at least) to everyone would be terrific…

New Jersey accepted the NACHI Courses last year after one of our members attending the convention applied for credit

Phillip R. Hinman

Well said, Nick.

There were many course offered that probably would not be approved by the states because they are about general legal issues (avoiding getting sued, sellting up your corp or LLC, how to respond to a litigious client), settin up your business, tax stratigies, marketing, and much more.

Well worth it.

Just fyi, there has been considerable discussion at the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Inspector’s Committee regarding broadening of the allowed CE courses to more closely follow what Realtors are allowed to take for credit. This would include those business, internet, marketing, etc, etc courses. While there is still some uncertainty and logistics to work out, I believe TREC will open up the available inspector CE offerings sometime this year.

Hi to all,

Educationaly we had one hell of an event, the range and scope of the subject matter was impressive. I know it is important to gain educational credits that are accepted by members home states, but it is also important for members to better run there businesses and survive this litigatious society.

Where else on one site could you do classes on, web optimization, tax for small businesses, contract law, marketing, limiting liabilities, etc etc etc.

Many of those classes were beyond full.

Like I said, educationaly we had one hell of an event.

can’t wait til next year :wink:


Regarding CEUs at the State level.

NACHI offered anyone who would serve to apply and coordinate on behalf of NACHI, for course approvals at the State level, free attendance and room and board for the convention this year.

NACHI has a small staff, and we simply cannot handle everything for everyone. Simpky coordinating the educators was challenge enough.

The bottom line is that if it is important enough to have your state recognize the courses you want to take for CEUs, then NACHI gave those folks the opportunity to help both NACHI and themselves in the process.

For those interested in participating in the CEU applications for next years convention, contact Deanna Wills or Nick. Maybe they’ll make the same deal.

To all the NACHI educators, bravo. Its called kickin’ *** and taking names…

Sound like the Education at the Convention was great.

Members understand that not all class will be CEU but the Assoc. offer none. Once again it is sad that member have to go to other Assoc. or school to get my CEU requirements… I’m just saying that if you go though all the trouble to set up a hug Convention that the NACHI should offer at less some class to meet state CEU. Why is this a problem for NACHI leader to understand all the other Assoc. & school due it. An WILL I’m not stubborn it seams that state require CEU something that is on the back burn with that NACHI leaders. If we offer Both Assoc. CEU & State credit CEU NACHI Assoc would an could be the Biggest & Best Assoc. around.

An Phillip some state require the course to be per-approved before you attend.


I really believe that we are on the same track and that NACHI is working, very hard, towards the same end. During the convention, Russ and I met with NACHI leaders and other Chapter presidents. Russ is the Education committee chairman and is working with others in other states to get any courses that can be state approved, approved.

The proiblem is threefold:

  1. Doing all the required work to get the state approval. This includes getting people, on the ground, in these states to step up and do the necessary work. Each state is different and has different rules. It just ain’t that easy or quick.
  2. Getting courses written and courses, already written, put in such a form that the states will accept. More work.
  3. NACHI cannot, and should not, put all its energy into state licensed and /or approved courses because there are many NACHI members who do not live in license states. It would not be fair to these members to cut back ed for non-license members (which a total state license approval course would entail) just to serve those members who do live in license states.
    Ken, it is moving forward. NACHI already has one course approved and in the process of getting it approved in other states. NACHI is in the process of adding more courses to that list. NACHI isalso working with other groups, that already have state approved courses, to get those courses offered to NACHI members at substantial discounts from what is normally charged.

It’s in the works, Ken. But, all good things take time, energy and people who want to do all the scut work.

I would challange you, and all others who want this, to ask yourselves, “What am I doing to get this done?”

Hope this helps. :roll:


I applaud your efforts on behalf of NACHI in this regard.

My suggestion if you truly want to enlist more help (and it is only a suggestion) is that you guys dedicate a thread to this topic or create a chatroom or blog or something so that members at-large know:
a) what is already being done
b) what more needs to be done (objectives) and
c) what specifically (action items) they can do in their region to help.

Many people don’t want to put in the effort, but some will - if they only knew who to contact and what specific things they can do, forms they can fill out or procure, etc. (i.e. If you ask for someone in PA to get a form or petition for a course, I can see that and respond - without knowing the need, it never occurs to me to ask if it is needed.)

If you make it easy to help and follow the progress, everyone will get a good sense of the work that you guys are already doing, and the tracking of progress will be easy to follow (and also a motivator for others).

Like I said, just a suggestion, but it is the kind of planning and devlopment I wish NACHI (as a whole or as an organization) would do more of. If it has tobe imposed by the membership and guys like us, in situations like this, then so be it!

This new Education Committee was formed Dec, 18, 2005. The Membership of the new Committee was then selected from those few who volunteered for the positions.

As Mr. John Bowman, Executive Director of NACHI, has already spelled out, and posted the duties of this office , we shall not repeat them again, suffice it to say, communication, communication, and communication will be a major part of this Committee.

The Education Committee will have it’s own web page for posting important topics.

The Education Committee currently consist of 20 NACHI Members; Educators, Engineers, NACHI Executive Staff, and Home Inspectors. Members from Northern Canada to Southern Florida.

The Committee to date;

I. Is working with the NACHI Legal Dept. to offer, Vendor
Educational courses and materials to NACHI for individual
State CEU’s.

II. Is in the process of determining the requirements of individual States,
pertaining to State Continuing Educational Credits.

III. Is in the process of establishing a network of NACHI State
Representatives, or Administrators, whose function will be to
act for NACHI in accordance with that State’s Continuing
Educational Policies, Rules and Regulations.

IV. Completing several Educational Links for on line Educational

V. Is in the process of getting NACHI recognized with various
Training Institutions or Organizations.

VI. Is working with the NACHI Traveling Educational Unit, to provide these
courses for State CEU’s

VII. Is working with the NACHI Executive Staff to offer incentive
programs wherein NACHI Members may present Advanced
Educational Programs or Courses to this Committee for review
and possible acceptance for Educational Credits for the

VIII. Collating already approved NACHI Educational materials and courses
in order to provide them to all the local NACHI Chapters.

IX. The Canadian Members of this Committee are also preparing recommendations to make the NACHI Exams more Canadian friendly.

As we all know, education begins at home. All this, and more, will be
distributed to the local NACHI Chapters for presentation.

The NACHI Members who have graciously volunteered for the
completion of these task are hard at work to provide the best Advanced
Educational opportunities available.

Needless to say, this is a major undertaking by NACHI. It will not all happen overnight, but it’s happening.

If these endeavors are to succeed, it will take the efforts of all NACHI
Members. Attend local Chapter Meetings. Become active in your local Chapter. Be constructive, not destructive.

Anyone, and everyone, is invited to contact this office for more information, or volunteer to help.

As they say, “the buck stops here”.