There is just no way for me to thank our educators enough.

As far as we know, the recent NACHI Convention, with 7 running classrooms, was the biggest educational event in inspection industry history.

The educators, speakers, and trainers who gave of themselves to teach others made it the best.

During the convention, one attendee after another after another came up to NACHI’s staff to tell them how great this classs was and how great that class was. NACHI’s email inbox is overflowing with compliments about the men and women who offered their wisdom and experience over the past 3 days. I’m in tears.

Thank you all.

An honor and a privledge.

Besides, it helps to take a class “on the road” before submitting it for state licensing. I got quite a few helpful (read CRITICAL, in the good sense) comments back.

BTW: The class average for the test given at the course was 98%. And it was NOT a simple test.

My thanks to all who helped me to make the course better.

Thank you for everything you do for this industry Nick. The number and variety of classes was astounding. I wanted to attend as many as I could and ignore my own booth.


And I wanted it to last for a week…so much to do… so little time.

It was [in one word] Fantastic!!