Nachi Convention

Nice to hear!!


Where can we find the list of educational seminars offered at the convention?

It is still about 7 months till the convention and there are still many things to be finalized yet .
You can be sure when it is all pulled together infomation will be available for all.
.Roy Cooke

There was some serious discussion Re pass ports for 2007 convention.

Well it still looks like they will be required to get back into the USA by air .

January 8, 2007 – Passports, Merchant Mariner Documents (MMD) or NEXUS Air cards would be required for all air travel, and most commercial sea travel, from within the Western Hemisphere for citizens of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Bermuda. This is a change from the previously scheduled date of January 1, in order to accommodate holiday travel.

Roy Cooke

Thank you Roy:

I have some suggestions for educational programs and a CEC Program already in place that I will share with this Chapter soon.

Please let me know if we can expect Bob Brown to be there teaching the CEC.

PS: I searched the internet today and found the following:

We will be in Toronto.

I am concerned about the timing and cost of the recently announced Florida conference, and the possible dilution of attendance in Toronto.