Clarification of NACHI Conference in Toronto

I have been sent a number of emails from dual members of Nachi/Oahi indicating that Mr. Mullen has stated on the Oahi Cafe Forum the following.

-I believe Mr. Mullens room was paid for by Nachi
-Not all attendees were Canadian and so didn’t care about National Certification
-Mr. Mullen was the only speaker that was selling something
-Last time I did a presentation I had to supply my own projector and screen
-Why would someone selling something expect an honourarium or expenses?

There was another OAHI member in attendance selling software, he did not have his expenses paid and I see to fail to see why the spokesperson for National Certification would expect anything different.

Just want to make sure the facts are not misconstrued as some have expressed concerns who actually attended the conference.

Oh and by the way how come CAHPI
not offered Nachi the chance to have a booth at their conference?

Quid pro quo eh?

Gee I was impressed with the NACHI Conferences. I have attended three and I have also attended more then Three OAHI/CAHPI conferences.
I can tell you I went to Florida to attend a NACHI conference and it did not cost me as musk as every one of the OAHI/CAHPI conferences did.
The education at all has been great but the Canadian associations sure do Charge a lot.
I saw so many things at the Canadian NACHI conference that impressed me like not renting chairs Buy them and then give them away to who ever wanted one . Like free Coffee allday ever day and NACHOs too.
Like so many prizes and give aways by the vendors .
Like the floor scramble on wheels Impressive or what.
Like free parking at the conference.
Like a free rides to the hotel.
the awards presentation was so fantastic it filled many eyes with tears Mine for sure.
Wow! so much education rooms that you could not do them all. Like so many great vendors and the treatment from them was superb
All this for $99:00 .
OAHI/CAHPI conference cost is Below
… COST one day member Non Member
…$350:00…$425:00 Include Breakfast/lunch/dinner
Conference two days $550:00…$675:00 Include2 Breakfast/lunch1 dinner

After sept 15th $50:00 extra and its $300:00 to bring your wife.
I have been told this could change as registration is not going to well.

NACHI’s Conventino with 7 running tracks (classrooms) for 3 full days, it was the industry’s largest educational event ever.

It was fun too:


Like Roy I have been to a number of that other associations conferences and the Nachi conference was just as good if not better!

I doubt if CAHPI/OAHI has the manners, let alone the fortitude to invite Nachi, after all if they did they would be complient with their by-laws, but why would they want to follow the by-laws having never done so before?

We have a way to go to be perceived as a ‘professional’ organization if this response is the kind of retort one receives in a public forum. Would we write the same kind of thing to a physician, lawyer, architect, engineer…?

And given the ease with which anything I write can appear on the front page of the Globe & Mail tomorrow morning I’m VERY circumspect with what I put into print.

I’m embarrassed.

  • Jim Walker


The papers are filled daily with Editorial comment and published letters to the editors of the papers commenting and stating various objections, and views. I fail to see the difference and your concern.

Why should incorrect info stand as being correct and taken as gospel?

Its easy to be politically correct after all and remain silent rather then correcting misinformation.

I am embarrassed that you are so timid.