InterNACHI is such a help.

Thank you.

I will second that. The amount of info and help i’ve gotten from this group is far more than I could have imagined!



NACHI is a Fantastic association. This is a direct reflection of Nick all the way down to us the members!!

I would have a hard time selling myself without NACHI. People are impressed that I am a part of something so big with people willing to help.

Like Mario said it comes from Nick. Great job Nick.


I sell myself all the time without the help of NACHI. I guess if you are newbies as many of you appear to be NACHI is indeed a breath of fresh air! I still find it strange that such an association is less than democratic and lack of bylaws. But if thats what you expect from an association more power to you. Good inspecting!

Don’t you have anything better to do. The guy was just dishing out a compliment. With all the negative things I see you post, you seem like a negative person. From my own experience, negative people have a hard time selling anything. But I may be wrong about you, I don’t know you personally so I will leave it at that. Just tired of all the negativity. You used to post really good positive info, but now you’re just mad at the world. Don’t take it out on people trying to say something nice about something.

Ian You should put your name on your website. Obviously you haven’t been following all those great posts I have posted in the past! Cheers!

Raymond is one of the long existing home inspectors who has helped many many with his large knowledge of this industry.
If you need help ask Ray and he will always be there to give it.


Roy, I understand that and noted it in my reply, he just seems to post nothing but negative statements lately. If he’s that upset with iNACHI why is he still trolling the MB? He does provide alot of good info on here, or had I should say. I just think we should keep the negative comments out. That’s all.