NACHI in the news, again.

Recent article in today’s Chicago Tribune. Deals with maintenance and warranty inspections.,1,7095160.story

Fourth paragraph, under the “inspections” section.

Also doing a spot for the local ABC affiliate, on Wednesday, about Chicago’s recent code inspection addition, Certificates of Occupancy.

Hope this helps;

\:D/ Sweet \:D/

Yes, yes it does help.

You’re doing a great job, Will, educating, helping Nachi and our profession in general. :wink:

No pun intended, well maybe. :wink: Will Deckers is always heads above everybody when it comes to promoting HI,Nachi, and foremost, the Chicago Nachi chapter. Will never fails to amaze me with his actions. Keep up the great work Will and I hope that the Chicago Nachi along with Nachi stands beside you all the way in your efforts.

Hey, Mark. Mostly I am just a guy who is in the right place at the right time.

What I do is what any member could do, and most can do it much better than I can.

Congrats Mr. Decker…You are a credit to the industry my friend…:slight_smile: so don’t EVER sell it short big guy…