Great real estate presentations. More coming in the next few days. Enjoy.

Great power point information nick, thank you

Phase Construction Inspections added today. It is about a 3 minute download time with high speed, but worth it.

More terrific tools. Thanks Nick and Chicago NACHI.

We added another one today, Electrical Inspection Checklist, it is pretty big, 40.4MB so start the download and go do an inspection.

We added another one today, Foundations.

We added another one today, HUD Energy Efficient Homes.

We added another one today, Roof Framing.

Fantastic great information NACHI again comes to the front
Thanks NACHI
Roy Cooke . A Happy NACHI member


BIG thanks! I keep finding more and more good reasons to be part of NACHI - thanks to everyone for sharing and helping all to become better.


Sharing is key.

So is having a good set of people who you trust to help and/or give you a good swift kick in the rear when you need it.

So is all the information on this site.

As many have said, the information on this site, if read through, would probably the the single greatest home inspection course available.

As always, Hope this helps.

Nice job Will, thank you for these.

Today we added another BIG one, 83.9MB, Structure for Home Inspectors.

Looks like NACHI members are going to have to get T1 connections. :mrgreen:

We added another one today, Essential Structure: A Case Study.

That one is great for Realtor Presentations. It teaches, if presented right, all the essentials of basic framing and is is funny.

Who says Realtors don’t have a sense of humor? :cool:

We added another one today, HVAC.

We added another one today, REALTOR Presentation.

Hey Will - I downloaded the HVAC ppt but it won’t open (“corrupt”). Can you please e-mail me over a copy when time permits? Muchas gracias.

Please note: All of these presentations are fully downloadable and able to be modified for your own use.

Please read through the presentations, personalize them and make sure that the laws and rules of your own states are properly described.

Hope this helps;


That ought to tie up SBC for the next 3 days.