NACHI Inspection Planner

For 21 years I have tried to find a suitable day planner or scheduling software that would work with my home inspection business. Problem is we have very specific kinds of information that we need to have for a order and most day planner systems just don’t allow for the collection of that much info and most computerized systems, even those that work on hand held computers take to long to start-up and enter data when you have a customer on the phone. Recently I just gave up and designed my own. After completing it I sent it over to Nick and he encouraged me to make it available to other members who may be having the same battle. So here it is, each planner book covers 3 months and provides pages at the end to log in inspections and envelopes for receipt storage. The cost is just over the cost of printing and assembly. If you are interested check it out, if not that’s OK too…

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I like it a lot Michael. Does it come in dry erase for postponements and cancellations? :smiley:

They have these nifty wooden sticks with graphite inside and a rubber thingey on the end that is specially designed to handle those situations.


Very nice…

Thanks John!!

My Friends,

I have good news!!! Today I was able to secure a printer who will produce the Inspection Planner at a substantially lower rate so I am officially revising the price. The ebay price is $29.95 but for my NACHI friends on this message board that order direct by emailing me I will let them go at $21.95!!! Now this is a limited time offer so If you want one let me know ASAP.

That’s wonderful! Good job!

Why is it a limited time offer though?


Because that is the bulk wholesale price and I’m offering it to NACHI members to get them to give the Planner a try. I can’t afford to continue to offer it to NACHI members if no one buys one. Presently I’ve received no orders, the only one that has moved is the one I’m sending to you tomorrow. So I’m hoping it will motivate people to take advantage of the Planner.

Can we order directly from you or is it just e-bay? Another stupid question is do we need to buy four of them to cover a year? I see it covers 3 months or am I missing something.
Count me in for one regardless

I bought two just too give it a fair trial and see if it is as good as I expect it to be … Cookie


The planner is quarterly, each quarter has 100 pages. A full year would be well over 600 pages making it way to bulky to use. If you wish you can purchase four copies to get you through the entire year. You can purchase them direct by emailing me at and letting me know how many and I will send you an invoice through PayPal for it.


My Friends,

Thank you for the great response on the Inspection Planner. I have opened an ebay store with the planner to make purchasing easier.

Again thanks for all the interest.

What I noticed Randy is that the dates are open so you only have to fill in the dates you actually have inspections. If you want to follow a calendar year you could, or you could run it by the three months of time that you had inspections for those days. I’m not sure if I explained that right or not, but I tried.

Understood! I believe I will give it a go


Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

Those of your that ordered Inspection Planners should have received them by now…Let me know what you think.


I was going to order and forgot! Where do I get them again?

Found the past discussion. I just e-mailed you my address and placed my order.


We are now offering a Loose-Leaf version of the Inspection Planner. It has a alphabetical index with business card pages to assist with network marketing. This version is a little more expensive due to the additions but will be more flexible in it’s use. If interested you can check it out at our ebay store: