NACHI lost 10 members today.

You can report it via the triangle in the upper right corner if you’d like. All members can do this for any post - member and non-member alike (as always).

I understand that and I’m not interested reporting any posts. My question is what’s the point of the moderators if they are approving non-member posts that violate our forum rules?

Since not one of our 8,000+ members decided to report it, I guess everyone is fine with it.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t violate our rules. Again, if we’re all fine with it and the moderators aren’t going to do their job, why have moderators?

That is the $289 question. :wink:

That was quick.

Guess you just wanted in for the deletion power?

There are currently a total of 6,180 InterNACHI members. This includes visible and invisible English-speaking members.

Oh snap!

Kevin, I am sorry this offended you. But no forum rules were broken. Kim, or whatever, stated that she thinks INSPECTORS are a joke, not NACHI inspectors, and she didn’t attack anyone personally. She gets her kicks by coming here and laughing at people that she thinks are below her, so be it. She finds inspectors in general to have a low IQ. She in no way slandered you or any other member of this organization.

So, now maybe you would care to explain what you think I need to explain. Or are you just stirring the pot?

You are complaining about it being posted, yet want no moderation. Which is it? It is the system we have, so we should deal with it the best we can, do you not agree?
I have the feeling if it had been denied, you would be crying and want to know why post # whatever in such and such thread was denied. Like I said, I might not agree with the content, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t think you could find 15 members here to agree on anything when it comes right down to it.

Who approoved this post as being good for INACHI?

No. Just pointing out the futility of having you as a moderator.

If the moderators are not going to moderate fake people slandering th WHOLE HOME INSPECTOR PROFESSION…???

Why would anyone bother reporting a post???

Do the moderators get a secret handshake or a tin star?

I did. If you don’t approve of the post Brian, report it and it will be put to a vote. I don’t like the content either, but can’t disapprove a post because I don’t like the content. Just trying to help the system work here.:wink:

I see we have the “High almighty” moderators hard at work…

What a freakin joke.

So now it’s me, personally, and not the system that Nick set up? :roll:

Well, you are doing a fine job Ian. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it is soon to be your turn in the barrel, good luck buddy.:mrgreen:

Careful what you wish for, and remember as a Home Inspector

“No good deed goes unpunished.”:twisted:

Ian, the post didn’t offend me and I really don’t care if non-member posts are moderated or not. However, if we are going to have a moderated board, the moderators should moderate.

I didn’t say the post was slanderous. It is not. IMO, it is “abusive” and “hateful”. Slander isn’t the only forum rule.

How did that logic turn out for those low level prison gaurds in Iraq Rick??

Good luck buddy. :mrgreen:


The system is BROKEN.

Agreed, how do we fix it?