How sad..

You know when I was a member I never realized that the tech threads were not getting the attention they deserved.:frowning:

Ask away folks there are many experts here on this board that will help you. If you are looking for help this is the place, the members of NACHI are the best bar none.:smiley:

Just dont ask any questions of the gods that be… LOL:p


If you are not an member because you failed to have a NACHI logo on your website why not just do it man and come home where you belong. I don’t know you personally but I enjoyed your posts.


There is no requirement for members to have a NACHI logo on their site. Never was such a requirement. Joe Farsetta himself doesn’t have one on his site. I don’t have a NACHI logo on any of my sites.


If I join something then I accept the rules that go with it.

If I am done wrong, then I move on. It has never made
me look like a bigger man to keep going back and telling
people they did me wrong over and over. Let it go.

I find that personal hurt lingers when there is some
insecurities present in someone’s self esteem. If you
feel you are in the right, then live with your personal
convictions and confidence.

If a persons keeps fighting the past, then they are still
trying to convince themselves to feel better about
the insult to their self esteem. The problem is not
what someone does to you, but how long you let it
continue to hurt your self esteem. Get over it.

You don’t have to prove yourself to people that do
you wrong. It makes you look small.

Get over it and be healed. If other people do not
admit their wrongs, then don’t let them dictate
your feelings of anger and revenge. It is poison
to your soul and makes you feel miserable.

“forgive and you shall be forgiven”…

Do the right thing and you will always look better
and feel better in the end. God is the judge.
What goes around, comes around…

Don’t be trapped on this forum the rest of your life
if you don’t like it here. It’s insane.

Life is too short to let anything rob you of your peace.
This applies to everything… IMHO

I welcome your presence on this forum.

Shame on you Nick - put the NACHI logo out there!