Nachi Management

Click here to get started This was arranged specifically for Nachi members to get the best deal possible in the insurance inspection industry.

What a sad day it is for all NACHI members that are not con-inspectors. At least now Zoe and Nick are not alone in the house of shame.

So let me get this straight. You have formed an alliance with the same company everyone has been bashing over the past year because he was able to make a deal with citizens. Your deal is not with citizens but with Inspection Depot, requiring the same fees everyone was complaining about.

Non-member wsiegel writes:

So let me get this straight. You are a non member, yet you come here to complain about what members are doing and announcing on their own message board.

Irrespective of member status, is what Bill says true?

I’m not involved with it and so don’t want to speak for others, but come to the Melbourne event in 2 weeks.

LOL…Love it!

Nick did not make the deal, Dennis and I did, and it is the best deal out there. I know because we looked at them. Like the system or not it is what it is. Join us or get left behind, your choice.

John, could you confirm that it is a totally separate entity and that I relinquished all financial interest and control of the project to you guys?

I’m only here to help and support you, if needed.

I can. Nick is not a director on the board or other wise a managing member. He has been supportive, but not involved. He gets nothing but satisfaction, knowing the Nachi inspectors can compete in the insurance inspection market.

This was Dennis’ idea and drive 100%. We both do not want to get left behind as the insurers move to a preferred inspector system, too much of our business is related to insurance inspections. We can not afford to one day be left in the cold, both of our companies have signed-up.

It is, a piece of crap, and now another lump has been added.
For those that are involved, enjoy it while you can.

Since Nick “isn’t involved” can you answer the question that Bill asked? If you are going to wimp out and say that he isn’t a member, so it doesn’t matter, assume in that event that I asked the question.

As a dues paying member, I expect an answer.

You do not pay dues to Nachi Management, Inc.

Inspection Depot and fees yes. The same NO.

I will say this, read our website. Sign the confidentiality agreement, if you like and we will give more information. We are not going to give our competition our plans. If you think it is not for you that is fine. We wish you the best, we will still be here, love us or hate us.

John - Is it not true that if it has the NACHI name whatsoever Nick has the right to pull the plug, make you close shop and then take over the company if he so desires? I thought that was the case whenever the NACHI name was used.

I might be wrong. But that is what I remember in the past.

Dennis and I fully own the company. As long as we do not use the name in poor taste or harm Nachi we are permitted to use the name, “Nachi.”

Nick does not have any control in Nachi Management.

The only thing you are entitled to is a better deal, because of your nachi affiliation.

Great turnout so far! We are getting alot of interest from qualified inspectors as well as Insurance agencies across the state.

So you have no answer?
I am glad you have printed who owns what. It will make things easier.

The Nachi name is only being used to get us members the best deal possible based on the size of our membership.

What do you want an anwser to?

With stuff like this, there are likely issues that shouldn’t be on a public message board. Come to the Melbourne meeting.