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This is from the agent FAQ

See # 22. Thats where Nachi Management comes in

Nachi Management will allow Nachi Inspectors to qualify as preferred inspectors.

Sorry I missed the meeting 2 weeks ago. How is the NACHI inspector different or better post NACHI management vs pre NACHI management? If the NACHI inspector is qualified pre NACHI management- is he super qualified with NACHI management? Again, sorry I missed the meeting as I would likely have found the answer at the meeting.

Every inspector nachi or not, has to work for an inspection management company in the program. Nachi members will simply have there own Inspection management company, and get a better deal.

Ah- I see. That concept may be where some people get the term “racketeering”.

However you describe this concept, what choice do I have? Tell all my clients that im not an approved vendor? Cross my fingers and hope to stay in business? Or simply register and not skip a beat, and even get more business. its an easy decision for me.

I don’t have the answer. I do believe that falling in line is NOT the answer. Perhaps that answer lies with the legislature and changing the system from within. Maybe the answer is solidarity. All of us refuse to work as indentured servants to a “preferred vendor”. Of course, that would only work if ALL had the intestinal fortitude to participate. As Citizens is state owned, can the “preferred vendor” program be considered an unfair trade practice? I believe that the state statutes address unfair trade practices. It might be addressed if FS 501.204.

Since we are licensed and regulated now by the state, wouldn’t we all be qualified?- assuming we have met the requirements for licensure and the additional requirements for wind mitigation inspections. Forcing licensed and qualified inspectors to go through a select group of companies to obtain work that they are licensed and qualified to do seems like an unfair trade practice to me. Of course, I am not an attorney and make no representation as such. The opinions expressed here are just that- opinions.

With all the bright minds that post on this board, surely we can find the answer.

What that snippet says is that at least Citizens admits to the fact that the form is faulty. Since they have admitted that, that would also open up the possibility that homeowners were defrauded, again, by yet another large group of companies.

As Jim Frieber, from Citizens told me, it is time that all of these discounts are done away with.

They were a scam to begin with, in my opinion, as they were designed to find items deficient in order to cancel the policy or greatly increase the premiums.

Still no word from OIR regarding code enforcement issues. Perhaps a letter to the AG will accomplish something.

Whatever your “opinion” may be, this is reality. The same law which passed for home inspector licensing and ability to perform windmits, included a provision allowing the insurance carriers to validate results. My area got slammed hard with reinspections and the agents are tired of dealing with it. Starting in 2011 all the agents/homeowners will be given the option of using a company which is registered withing the network of third party administrators and will not be subjected to reinspections. Do you think for a minute that Insurance agents care about Intestinal fortitude if it interfers with their ability to earn a living?

Amen Brother, but in the meantime until the law gets changed to eliminate this obviously improper if not illegal practice of steering customers to a select few “approved inspectors” through a centralized inspector selector group of firms I want to work. It’s wrong, it should be illegal, but all Nachi Management is trying to do is get Nachi members work through this faulty system. They didn’t create it.

That may happen quicker than you think. I was speaking with a potential client this afternoon regarding a 4-point inspection. She informed me that the insurance company said she “had” to use one of their vendors and she was charged $375 for the wind mitigation inspection!

I told her that she had the right to chose whoever she wanted and another insurance agent confirmed that. They wanted her to use one of their “preferred inspectors” for the 4-point.
After she talked to the supervisor, I’ll be doing the 4-point Thursday.

I mentioned to my Client, in passing, that she may want to mention that she was going to run all of this by her attorney. Things changed very quickly after that.

When I find out who the company is, I may “educate” them on who can do what.
In the meantime, some sort of amendment needs to be done to the State Law regarding four-point inspections.


Can you say KICKBACK !!!

I hear it lots of times that the agents say that they have to use their people.

Why you may ask? To put money in the agents pockets.

The agents do not even want correct reports because they want the sale.

As much as it would hurt me the only way the insurance agencies are going to stop losing money because of fraudulent reports is when they start paying for them.

Kind of like clients using the home inspector their agents recommends.

I got a car I want to sell. it is real cheap. Just take it to my mechanic down the street and he will tell you what a great deal I am giving you.


Never have truer words been spoken.
When the agents are involved all that matters is the sale.

If anyone has the letter that is from the OIR that says that the insurance folks have to accept a report from a qualified person and if they want to re-inspect then they must pay for it. PLEASE post it. I lost my copy.

Here is the letter I think you are looking for

Mr Meeker is this what you were looking for ?…nspections.htm