Member of the year...NATHAN THORNBERRY!

Since Nathan has helped hundreds and maybe thousands of members, I was wondering how we go about nominating him for member of the year. It seems he is very worthy of this award, by his willingness to help inspectors.

So if you can please send me a link to nominate for member of the year, I would love to get this ball rolling…

From the words of our illustrious leader…resistance is futile…:stuck_out_tongue:

I am planning on nominating Troy.

Nathan is an appropriate nomination as well, obviously.

I believe Nathan would only be eligible for the Vendor of the Year nomination.

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Well deserved Nathan…member of the year…vendor of the year…hell, maybe BOTH…

We shall see…

And have yet to inspect one single home, those are your words. Editing reports doesn’t count in my opinion.

You might be surprised at the number of iNACI inspector-members that have never performed a single inspection. Regardless, as far as I am aware, all inspector-members are eligible for the MOY Award.

Where are the qualifiers for MOY, where can they be found



Always here to help.:wink:


Whether you like him or not, he certainly knows the marketing side of the business.

So let me understand this (and it has nothing to do with Nathan as a nominee), Nathan is a member and not a vendor.

Oy vey

Can we nominate “This has nothing to do with Nathan, but…” for Best Phrase of the Year?

Can you take your head out of your *** for five minutes?

I don’t care if Nathan is nominated as member of the year.
It goes to his statement that he is not signed up as a vendor.
It is a follow-up to Nate’s response to Jeff’s statement.

Do you really have to ask?

I agree that Nathan is a good selection! Troy is ok too

Can you two over sensitive children get a clue and interact with other humans professionally? ](*,) :-({|=

It was a joke.

The oy vey was for this thread.