I think not!

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*Todd, Joe Farsetta has issued this clarification recently:

*Conditions of Membership: *

*The NACHI COE states that it is the duty of each member to help promote the organization. To that end, a condition of membership in the organization is for any member that has a web site, brochure, or other marketing literature to include NACHI and/or “The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors” (in word, link, and/or text). Should another home inspection association be listed or referred to, it shall be positioned and sized in a manner equal to, or less prominent than that of NACHI. Should any member be found in violation of this rule, membership revocation can occur at any time, and without notice or recourse.

I never violated this and Joe fartseta the dick head blocked me out. What a joke…Best to all.

Well Joe I guess you are God you worthless piece of ****.

I suppose that means that you wish not to compare CE credits to make one eligable for membership to NACHI ha Joe?

Ok, I know when I have been overruled by a jackass I spose it will not be the first time and it is not. I just hope everyone takes note of this. I am not saying you will get booted as I did , but you might want to pay attention as to why I got booted. I think it has something to do with no NACHI stuff on my web site.??? Hmmm, I know of many folks that are promenent ASHI members that do not have NACHI on there web site. HMMMM, was I singled out? Or do you think that all NACHI members should follow the rules?

Just a curious non member


It seems like a simple matter to resolve. How soon will you be able to make the necessary corrections to your site?

Hey Todd… Welcome to this side of the fence:cool: :cool: :cool: It’s good over here.:slight_smile:
It looks like ole nicky is running short on cash again and using the same ole marketing gimmick he’s used several times before. I’m gona stop accepting new members] to raise $s. Only this time he and his coherts decided to make it look like they are making room for new members by eliminateing ones that think and speak out on their own.
All you gotta do is Start being a vender, prepare a course, offer CEs on inspecting igloos in AZ and you’ll be back in and nicky will reward you by sending you to Fla and other warm states to present the course there.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Hy Dan I expect Todd will be like you just envious enough to not be able to stay away but upset enough to not want to spend the money to be a member .
It sure is great to have a place to get some education and not have to pay.
You must admit the other associations do nothing like this and do not have as many great members .
We welcome you and just some day hope to see you as a full member.
Roy Cooke

Nah… The first thing that would get me banned again is demanding accounting of our dues seeing that nickey is claiming to meet elected officials and getting nachi only approved…
Hmm… it wasn’t that long ago nickey claimed the same thing in another state and that elected official got removed from office for accepting cash bribes from ??? :roll: :roll:

I have an idea, Todd.

Publish all of the URLs that you are referring to on this thread. Let Joe check them out. If they remain members, then you will know.

Here is one

do not forget he is a CMI as well.:wink:

You farking jerk!

Not going to happen.

So James are you actually stating that if I put a NACHI link back on my website I would be reinstated?:mrgreen:

He can still be a CMI and a former member of NACHI at the same time. The two are not related. Let’s see what happens. Judging by his web page, he is also in violation.

Got some more?

I would like to thank everyone for the nice emails and PM’s. I would warn you though that they are watching those PM’s.:roll:

I know as much about what is going on as you do. If you were kicked out for violating the policy and have the violation rectified immediately, I’m sure that Nick would open the door for your return. The object is NOT to kick people out but to have us all comply with the directive, right?

BTW, the guy you pointed out with the ASHI website is not a member of NACHI, according to the membership roster.

James there are tons of folks that have not stayed up with the CE requirements and have no mention of NACHI on web sites, but I am not the NACHI police so I will leave it to you and the other petty jerk to seek them out and pick and choose whom you like and who you do not.

I think I like this non member thingy. I am now truly able to speak my mind without worrying about the repercusions.:smiley:

Well, I gots me an Inspection to do so, I will be back in about 3-4 hrs.:wink:

You know, man…you have to stop and think who the real jerk is.

Here you are…blasting people left and right with your dull witicisms while bragging how you continue to fail to comply with the membership requirements. Then, you have the balls to complain like you are being picked on when the next logical step is taken.

You need help, dude.:roll:

WOW, I just looked at my greenie score and it has gone from 69 to almost 100 just for getting booted.:cool:

Another long time nachi member gets f’d. Todd, had you never posted no would care what was on your web site. So, welcome to the non believers in santa claus group.

James, why do you feel the urge to be joe farsssss and nick spokes person?