NACHI Online Agreement System Launches

We’d like to announce our new online agreement system - a new idea to
streamline the process of signing contracts with your clients. It’s
digitally, legally signable and will soon be linked with
so clients will have to sign the agreement before they can view their
report. Go to:

We’ve provided a contract to start out with, but you can use this page
to make any changes you’d like to it. You can add your own paragraphs,
change ours, or remove paragraphs altogether.

Simply add your client’s information and our system will take care of
the rest. Clients will go to:

… and enter their email to view, sign, and confirm the agreement.
You’ll be notified by email when they’re done.

I’ll be messing with it this afternoon and keep you posted on any snags I encounter.

FetchReport is doing great for me. Everyone likes it… :smiley:

Michael writes

I have to admit, the thing runs silky smooth.

Thank you goes out to the IT team. I think the online agreement is fantastic. Maybe “online billing” next??? :wink: . Keep up the great work.

I’m in the process of reviewing this proposed SOP and am trying to understansd the intent of the **bold **portion below.

The inspector is not required to:

  1. Speculate on geological conditions, the type and compaction of soil, or its ability to percolate adequately.
  2. Water-test or endorse any part of a drainage system, including sump pumps.
  3. Speculate on the condition of subterranean or concealed components.
    4. Endorse any site or system that is less than ideal.

What “ideal” are we supposed to be comparing the “site or system” too?


Very nice!

Works great…

Goodbye EchoSign !! :slight_smile:

I had another problem receiving the agreement. I just emailed you the header info.