NACHI, smack on the front page of this site.

Just wait, I have more great marketing things coming out with Re/Max. I had a wonderfull meeting with Re/Max Alliance this morning. I am playing golf with 220 real estate agents on Monday followed by a dinner and auction with 400 agents. I will take plenty of pictures so you all can check out the NACHI golf cart.

Geeze Deanna. I think I want YOUR job! :wink:

Hey Nick,

Is NACHI hooked up with RE/MAX Corporate for national exposure or just in Boulder?

I can’t find anything about NACHI on any corporate or California RE/MAX sites…

One of my jobs is to help NACHI inspectors get inspections. Getting in with Re/Max is one of the best things I can do for NACHI inspectors. Re/Max Colorado is ONLY using NACHI inspectors starting in September. Since Re/Max headquarters are here in Colorado I hope I can branch this RE/Max - NACHI alliance in all 50 states. Whether its playing golf or kissing a lot of a** it is still work. Sometimes you have to make work a little fun, get out there and play the business game.

This alliance in only in Colorado right now. It will take a little time to go national. At least we have a good start so far.

I agree totally. :slight_smile: I hope you can get it in all 50 states. That would be awesome!

WOW!!! I have a few ReMax agents that use me now,… Im gonna send them the link. Good Job Deanna!!

You can thank Tom Rausch also because of his great inspections, personality he got them to check out NACHI with a closer look. From then on it was a match and turning into a strong relationship.