NACHI's Deanna and Tom Raush were on TV, 9-News with RE/MAX this morning.

Anyone see it or know how to find the video clip and post it?

Looks like they did a good job of representing all of us, thank you.

Fantastic job guys.

When did Deanna dye her hair blonde?? :shock: Just teasing! :mrgreen: Nice job Deanna and Tom! Two more like this and you’re ready to go on national TV!! Noooooo wait, NACHI TV!!!

Hey Nick,

My wife works for channels 5/30 (NBC) here in Colorado Springs. Wonder if we could do something like that here! We could “pull a few strings”:mrgreen:

That would be awesome, see what you can do for us Greg :smiley:

Great job, Deena and Tom.

One little, tiny thing.

That dang guy said “NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME INSPECTORS”, again. He did it on the first interiew as well.

Could someone please check his queue cards? :mrgreen:

Great Job guys…

Must be my settings…I can never download these movies / clips and watch them…anyone?

Nice job Deanna!!

Awww…it was just some people sittin’ around talkin’ about NACHI and things…

…no cartoons…no sports…

…you didn’t miss nothin’…

Actually, it was a very good exposure for NACHI…at least in Boulder…

wow that’s great!!

Ok…all I know to know is when are the new Deanna Pin-Up Posters coming out…?

I have the same down load problem


Very nice presentation!

I heard at the very end, that NACHI and ReMax paid for that interview.

How much did it cost?

Actually, it was Re/Max that paid for it. The news messed up a lot of things :roll: :roll: Maybe they will get it right next time. My phone was ringing off the hook all week just from people watching the show, so we must have done something right.

The best part was at the end when the announcer said: “This was a paid presentation by Remax and Nachi.”

Nothing quite like a paid commercial packaged as news to mislead the public.

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