NACHI to file multi-million dollar lawsuit against NAHI's Matthew Steger.

It is time.


We’re suing Mr. Steger personally, not PHIC. PHIC has no assets.

This is good news.

I hope this serves as a shot across the bow regarding other individuals who have felt compelled to tortiously interfere with inspectors’ businesses due to their NACHI membership.

Will you be scheduling a training event at his former home for a mock inspection?

Has there been a response from the Realtor Association? I would imagine they would print a retraction, but the damage is already done…

We’re filing a similar one against one Dave Koloskee for sending out email blasts to REALTORs in a clear effort to harm NACHI members’ businesses.

Both lawsuits should be filed within the next 10 days.

I’ll post them here once they are filed.


Sic 'em, tiger…

How will the multi millions be distributed to those affected nachi members?

Ben, not a bad idea! I’ll check into making it a class action.

What happened did Matt lose your pants? :mrgreen:

Now there’s a plan!


Now you’re talking.

Hmmm…that might be one reason my June inspections are down from previous months.

I’d like to see a massive retraction to all people possible, advertising NACHI to the public at large, proving us as a legitimate organization, quite capable of doing the job.

And have them foot the bill as part of your settlement:D

Do you have a copy of the referenced article that you can post here?

Sue, his butt off.

I don’t understand why you are letting the Realtor Association that published the false statements off the hook, Nick. Do they not have a duty to check their facts before publishing them?

Jim, I have no interest in revenge, but rather only doing that which would help NACHI members, so I’d much rather have equal time/space and a year of ad space promoting NACHI members. The 2 NAHI members will be plenty enough blood for me.