Commercial inspections on NACHI.TV

Hi to all,

Just gauging opinion here, Nick and I have been discussing me doing a small series of shows for NACHI tv covering commercial inspections, maybe 4, 1/2 hours shows covering the various aspects and the differences between residential and commercial.

Yeah or Nay?



The problem with your post Gerry is that it is confusing. Some might think we are talking about a TV commercial, instead of what you mean: commercial building inspections.

Sounds good Gerry.

Who would be the general audience when it aired, or rather who would it be marketed to?

Who is it for Nick?

Members here?

I gave you a “good” box Gerry.

Good point Nick, as i said in another post Merlot and Flu meds don’t mix.

The series would cover:

  • Needs of commercial buyers/lenders
  • Selling into Commercial Markets
  • Reporting to ASTM standards
  • Differences in commerial systems



Thanks Dale,

I’m still trying to beat Chris :mrgreen:



This thing is a great idea, thanks for the creative efforts.

Yes, very interested in commercial inspections; and would be a cool way to learn about it. Thanks again for all of the work you put into the educational materials here at NACHI.

Just what is nachi-tv?

Ger, no matter what your hawking, you’ve got my vote, Mate.

Pass me a stout, and you get 2 votes.

Seriously, when it comes to down-to-earth inspection classes, you’re top notch.

“I” say “Aye”

Just for the record I knew what your post was, no confusion here mate, can’t wait for this one.

Yes, I always wondered how they made those TV commercials so annoying. :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

No confusion here Gerry, go for it, I can’t wait.

Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Very Interested. Go for it.

very nice

Very good idea. Will you be using Nick’s hair stylist?

Dale, from what I have seen I guess it is somewhere between HGTV and Comedy Central :mrgreen:



Reporting to ASTM standards


I have been performing commercial inspections for the past 4 yerars. Dependent upon the type of business or structure, I may being other professionals along.

I do not report to ASTM standards, nor do I believe it is a requirement. I also inspect for a large commercial bank, and these inspections pertain specifically to structures and small businesses. I am compelled to inspect to the lending institutions standards, and use their model inspection format. No mention of ASTM there either.

Please elaborate.


If it will be anything like your presentation in Atlanta (Kennesaw), Ga. last month, it will be a surefire hit. I’ll stop by the Varsity for chilidogs and rings on the way home.

Question, where will I need to go to get a schedule of shows.

Looking forward to the SHOW!

Damn Joe, you’re the first person here I have ever heard that from…BRAVO…:smiley:

Not required is right, and surely not expected from 99.9% of buyers.

Waste of type and paper as far as I’m concerned…:smiley:

They truely like a format which states this is the condition of the building today, end of story.